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Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo

is a fast-paced fighting game where any hit means DEATH! Battle your friends as a vastly diverse selection of characters, experiencing intense combat where every blow... read more

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo Preview

Author: Justin Deckard

Category: Preview

Once in a while, a twitch-based brawler comes around that I really enjoy, last year it was Broforce, this year it is Blast Brawl 2. Developed by a one man army Blast Brawl 2 is a great start to what could be possibly one of my biggest time stealers once it is completed. Here is Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo.

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo Preview


Blast Brawl 2 is a great example of what I dislike most about early access games as well as what I enjoy about them. As a brawler beat 'em up it's hard not to enjoy the genre. The game is intense, fun, and you can totally get lost in the moments of intense gameplay. There is a story there, I am sure, however at the time of this writing there is not much to go off of, so did I like this game? Let's read on and find out!

Blast Brawl 2 is available on Steam and Xbox Live for $14.99.

Blast Brawl 2, the only calm moment in the game


The gameplay in Blast Brawl 2 falls under the "easy to understand, but difficult to master" category. I would say that this is a twitch-based game with call backs to old school arcade style gameplay. One hit on most enemies will kill them, and one hit will kill you. This type of back-and-forth gameplay means that even when you start feeling like a god in the game, it only takes one small mistake or mistimed strike to put you right back in your place. This constant risk and reward makes the game feel fantastic and made me want to get better and better until there was not much left to do.

You start the game with two unlocked character classes, a brawler and a warrior. These two classes are very different and give a very good preview of what style of character you can play. At this time there are only two modes; endless waves, or versus, both are really well designed but leave a bit to be desired for the amount of content. You unlock character classes through coins that you gain from killing enemies in the endless waves mode. This gameplay hook kept me playing for well over an hour and a half, unfortunately, after that much time, the gameplay starts to go a little stale.

In just an hour and a half, I was able to unlock every class, play every level, and complete the majority of the steam achievements. It was a fun-filled hour and a half though. Every class plays completely different, from the slower but a super powerful warrior to the drunken antics of a pirate, there is a class here for anyone to play and like as well as accommodate any play styles that you may prefer.

Blast Brawl 2 VERSUS MODE!!!!


Blast Brawl 2 is not the most graphically superior, but I'll be a monkey's uncle if I didn't tell you that this 80's aesthetic didn't work. From the characters, enemies, and super attacks, every aspect of this game is oozing with charm. The look of every character is unique, however, I do feel a little cheated in one section and that is their coloring options. The decision to go with main colors such as blue, yellow, red or green are fine, but I would personally prefer for there to be an original art color section, just because the characters feel like they already have such an attitude and backstory, I would have preferred for that to be evident in aspects of their character colors as well.

The maps that are included thus far are also as varied and filled with 80's nostalgia. From a base in the desert with missiles falling from the sky to an underground cave where your only source of light is a few glowing orbs on the ground, making you fight where they are. These levels, however small, are oozing with charm. I feel like this type of presentation works well for the game and it really does make you want more of the game itself. Trust me when I say if you liked Broforce, you will totally love the characters and aesthetic to Blast Brawl 2.

The supers and abilities are kind of a mixed bag of how they look, though. The warriors special builds up a thunderbolt in her sword which you can release at different levels of build-up, and every level makes it a larger and more impressive spectacle. Then there are specials like the ninja which cause a small poof of smoke to appear and then you can walk around with no one seeing you, the problem is you can't see yourself either and it really doesn't seem that impressive in the end. If this aesthetic stays until the game is done though you will see an amazing and awesome end product.

Blast Brawl 2, not much in the game yet, there should be more though

end preview thoughts

I really enjoyed Blast Brawl 2, it is a fun and engaging experience. The twitch-based gameplay and overall speed of the game are just so enticing and it makes you feel like a god, but a god with limitations. The modes that are there right now are great, and the developer has said that updates will be coming regularly so with every update I can't wait to see what this game turns out to be. If you want to follow this game and how it develops you're already in the right place. KeenGamer.

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