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Eon Altar Episode 1 & 2 Review

Eon Altar is a couch co-op RPG that uses your smartphone as a controller. Take control of the 5 heroes with your friends and explore dungeons and castles while engaging with NPC's and enemies. Cooperate with your teammates to win the day or bring discord to the group, the choice is yours. Fight your way to the Eon Altar and complete your mission, whatever it may be.

Eon Altar Episode 1 & 2 Review


Eon Altar is an isometric RPG with a heavy influence from Dungeons and Dragons. Players use their smartphone to control 5 playable characters each with their own unique story, skills, and weapons. Exploring dungeons and collecting  powerful items along upgrading the heroes skills makes this unique multiplayer title. Sword Coast Legends was released last year with completely mixed reviews as it seems the developers didn't focus repairs needed as more players purchased and played the game. With a lack of multiplayer and creative DM tools, Sword Coast Legends didn't succeed the way it should have, had it been developed better, of course. Eon Altar is an actual new take on Multiplayer RPG's using your smartphone to track story, character advancement, and secrets. Eon Altar will have 3 episodes total that can be purchased for $6.99 each or a 3 pack for $14.99 on Steam.


The Gods Myrth and Dagaz forged the world and lesser Gods using the Eon Altar and, for a time, the world was at peace. Years later, Dagaz was filled with hate and lies by fellow Gods and was tricked into murdering Myrth, which sparked a war that forced the Gods to fight one another. After several ages, Dagaz was defeated and imprisoned within the Eon Altar – the very place that was used to create the world and Gods – as punishment. Since then, evil and corruption have plagued the world and everyone that lives in it. The servants of evil are starting to rise and no one is able to stop them, will you take up the sword, shield, or staff to save them? Or will the end of the world happen faster than everyone expects? 5 heroes all meet in the town of Tarnum, each for their own reasons. What will happen to Tarnum and why are they all trying to reach the Eon Altar?

One of the Playable Heroes Marcus the Guardsman


In Eon Altar, each player gets to pick from 5 different heroes, each with their own abilities, skills, and story. Play as the Rouge; a silent assassin who kills for pay, the Guardsman; who is seeking absolution for the tragedy that has befallen him, the Crusader; looking to rid the world of evil, the Sellsword; trying to correct his past mistakes, or the Battlemage; who wants her family's and her own honor restored. How the story unfolds and where the players lead their characters determines the dialogue and hints that are given to each player through their smartphone.

The information, story and NPC dialogue that is displayed on the phone can be shared or kept secret depending on the attitude of the player and how much they wish to reveal. Each character's story and choices are different, so cooperating with teammates is purely optional as you may choose to follow the character's story to lie and try your best to set the group back. The character's personalities differ and choices made follow the characters further into the plot. The heroes' choices affect the story in later game scenarios, so there is some incentive to make the right (or wrong) choices as the story will play out differently depending on what action was taken or said.

Where Eon Altar shines is with its multiplayer as a couch cooperative game. Its distinct and intuitive controls make gameplay enjoyable and the story that more immersive since the group cannot see the each other's controllers, similar to keeping secrets in Dungeons and Dragons. Since everyone in this day and age owns a smartphone, it was smart of Flying Helmet Games to take advantage of the devices. Using a Galaxy S5 with Eon Altar was a breeze and the controls were instinctive. Communicating with NPC's, combat, and menu selection all on a smartphone makes Eon Altar a more personal experience for the gamer as their characters are theirs. This has been attempted in the past with several isometric dungeon crawlers but never has it been done so well. Eon Altar is a distinct couch co-op in the RPG genre and will set a precedent for future titles made in the same multiplayer style. Flying Helmet Games has successfully made a generation of gamers look at their phones even more than they already do.

Rich Detail

Graphics and Music

For a title that is only $6.99 on Steam, the graphics in Eon Altar are incredible. Rich and lush detail can be seen whether you are at the Seige of Tarnum or exploring the catacombs deep below the city. The character models are great and powerful looking while still being uniquely different. With attention to details like character movements and mannerisms, Eon Altar really gives the characters more personality which in turn makes the player becomes more immersed in the gameplay. The artwork within the game has a good mix of gothic and scale to show the beauty of the title. Each hero has their own introduction that includes a full scene of drawn artwork and story to bring the player in immediately with a tale accompanying it. The Assassin starting sequence involves dark scenes or her walking down alleys or preparing another assassination contract. The Guardsman is shown fighting with a ferocity that couldn't be beaten down or even challenged. The introductions to each hero are unique and add atmosphere to the game that other RPG's are not able to capture as easily.

The music for the game is majestic and strong. Composer Tom Salta, known for his work with the Halo series, assisted in creating the epic soundtrack that can be heard while playing Eon Altar. Each tune flows correctly with what is currently happening on screen. Wandering around town gives live string and brass music as the hero explores. Hard trumpets and drums can be heard while in combat, and lively and somber music can be heard in title menus and taverns. The soundtrack is a great accompaniment to this title and blends with it perfectly, adding to the atmosphere of the adventure.

Eon Altar artwork


Eon Altar is a fantastic couch co-op title that should be enjoyed by all. The intuitiveness of the controls with your smartphone as a controller and the ability to actually keep your own secrets in the game is incredible. Making characters and heroes in games more personable is hard, its easier when the player has all the control. I luckily had the chance to play this with friends and having them present made a huge impact on gameplay. Players cared about the choices made and there were quite a few discussions on what to do next or if someone was lying to the group. Players do not see adventures like Eon Altar executed well and often are disappointed with what was provided. The plot, gameplay, graphics, and the soundtrack all mixed perfectly, making Eon Altar a great title to pick up and play with your buddies. Purchase it, play it, and see how multiplayer RPG's should be made these days.

 + Fantastic story and characters  – Episodes are short –  able to complete in 4-5 hours
 + Smartphone is the controller with simple controls  – No keyboard support at all – smartphone must be used
 + OST created by Tom Salta

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