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The Last Guardian possibly completed

Jun Yushino, a producer at Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently released a tweet regarding the possible completion of The Last Guardian's development, but was taken down shortly after.

The Last Guardian possibly completed
The Last Guardian, the third installment from the beloved studio at genDESIGN, is an anticipated title about a young boy who works with a strange creature known as "Trico" to get through massive ruins in strange asymmetrical teamwork — might be only a couple months away.

In a strange tweet that was released by Jun Yushino on his personal Twitter account, he simply said the words "Gone Gold. Waddup."

Jun Yoshino's Tweet regarding The Last Guardian
Unfortunately, his message was deleted within an hour. At this time it is unknown if he sent the message when he was not supposed to, or if there is some other reason as to why it was taken down.

During that time, though, his tweet had cycled through many people's feeds, and even with the short up-time on his account, the information was shared.

Polygon had picked up on the tweet, and managed to capture the image before it was deleted.

"Going gold" in development typically means the game is ready for retail release. If what Jun's message had said is to be taken seriously, we can expect to see The Last Guardian make its delayed release on December 6.

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