Previously lost Metallica game shown to audiences

A Metallica game, Damage Inc., was a title meant for PlayStation 2, PC, and Xbox, before being cancelled without so much as gameplay footage to show for it. This YouTube channel shows what the game looked like before its cancellation, and offers insight to how it might have played.

Past to Present Online, a (small) community asdf dedicated to maintaining the history of cancelled or unreleased games, released a video on their YouTube channel going over an old title in the vehicular combat genre.

Metallica was going to get a standalone video game before their Guitar Hero: Metallica appearance, and it was known as Metallica: Damage Inc. which was a post-apocalyptic game where the player would take on the role of any of the four band members and begin laying waste to hideous enemies in a Mad Max inspired vehicular combat game.

Back in the day, a trailer had actually been released for this game, but no actual gameplay was shown. Instead, a rendered cutscene showing some masked individual starting up a battle-ready semi cab featuring Metallica mud catchers was shown with the trailer, but not much else.

This trailer was actually hidden in some copies of St. Anger albums, and was promoted through this method. Because of the way this game had been promoted, it could be assumed the game was far into development for so much confidence to be placed in this stunt.

All that was really shown after the game's cancellation was some concept art released by Calum Alexander Watt on his personal portfolio.

Previously lost Metallica game shown to audiences Concept 1
Previously lost Metallica game shown to audiences Concept 2
Previously lost Metallica game shown to audiences Concept 3
Coming back to today, PtoP has released a video that goes over what they think of the game's build before it was cancelled, what they imagine the game would have played like, and a few of their own personal thoughts on how the development of the game had gone from production to cancellation.

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