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Magic Duels recieves new update for Kaladesh expansion

Author: Angel Jimenez

Category: News

Magic Duels just received an update for the new Kaladesh expansion that contains over 150 new cards to unlock. The update brought brand new card mechanics. Players can also access a myriad of customization options including card sleeves and full art lands.

Magic Duels Receives update with Kaladesh expansion
Magic Duels, the game that lets you play the popular card game via Steam and consoles just received a massive update in line with the new Kaladesh set. The update added over 150 new cards, a new set of story quests, and customization options.

With the 150 cards added came 3 new card mechanics. The crew ability let you change certain artifacts (also classified as vehicle cards) into creatures by tapping other creatures you already have on the field. There are also pilot cards that give vehicles special abilities when they are tapped to activate them. The artifacts that have this ability are usually very strong for the amount of mana they cost. Energy counters are also present in this set. They appear on creatures and enchantments, who gain powerful abilities by spending these counters (life steal, token generation, spell countering, etc.). Energy counters can be gained in a variety of ways. Some spells give you energy counters as an added effect, and some enchantments give you counters on landfall and creature death. Finally, many creatures in Kaladesh come with the fabricate ability. Creatures with this ability have the option enter the battlefield with a number of +1/+1 counters attached to them, or to place a number of 1/1 servo artifact creatures on the field. Fabricate may come in numbers as high as 5 (Fabricate 1, Fabricate 2, Fabricate 3, etc.)

There were 2 big customization options that came with the update. Players can now pay gold, Magic Duels' premium currency, to buy card sleeves and full art lands. Full art lands were a popular hit from the Zendikar set that go for big bucks on Ebay now. Now you can have a full set of them for around 1500 gold, which translates to around $18 U.S. You can also pay a small amount of gold (300-500) for card sleeves that will appear on the back of your cards instead of the original Magic:The Gathering logo. These sleeves can have planeswalkers, mana symbols, or symbols from certain sets on them.

The Kaladesh update is available now.

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