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Get POLYGOD - free - through an achievement in another title

Author: Ian Fermanich

Category: News

Amplify Games, the developer of Polygod, has announced that their game can be acquired - for free - if you get at least one of their choice achievements in The Binding of Isaac or The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Get POLYGOD - free - through an achievement in another title
Earlier this week, the procedurally generated first-person-shooter known as POLYGOD was released on Steam's early access. It was described by the developer to be inspired by roguelikes such as The Binding of Isaac, and they believe that fans of that game will enjoy POLYGOD so much, they will give the game away for free to users who have certain achievements in The Binding of Isaac, a game they did not make.

"We love The Binding of Isaac. In fact, it’s a game that has had influence on our game, POLYGOD. With that being said, we want to reward other die-hard fans of The Binding of Isaac with a free copy of our game!"

To get this game for free, you need to follow a few criteria:

You have to have completed one of the following achievements for either The Binding of Isaac or The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

  • Sticky Nickels
  • Keeper now holds… A Penny!
  • Keeper holds Store Key
  • Noose Baby
  • Karma
  • Sale Baby
  • Mega
  • 1001%
  • Hard Game
  • Eternal Satan
  • Eternal Cain
  • Eternal Isaac
  • Eternal ???
  • Eternal Maggy
  • Eternal Eve
  • Eternal Samson
  • Eternal Judas
  • Eternal God
  • Eternal Personalities
Once you have completed one of the above achievements, just message their Steam account  Atomicdomb, and they will send you a Steam key after confirming your achievement.

If you would rather support the developer and buy the game instead, check out POLYGOD in Steam.

If you're interested in seeing just what POLYGOD ​is about, check out their early access trailer below.


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