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Crush Online

is a client-based MMO for PC with a strong focus on PVP battles featuring MOBA-style combat. read more

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Crush Online now available

Author: Veronika

Category: News

Experience a persistent PvP MMO world with MOBA combat. GAMESinFLAMES announced that Crush Online has now launched globally and is available to download for free. It's not just a MATCH - It's WAR.

Crush Online now available
The world of Gaia is home to three realms, each populated by thousands of players fighting an endless territory war. These nations, along with a comprehensive guild system, are the groundwork for truly grand military clashes. Guilds and nations can ally with each other in exciting Castle Sieges to gain control of a nation and lord over its subjects, while entire nations may scheme with and against each other to win epic wars where not just glory, but also valuable treasure and powerful ability enhancements are at stake. Players can choose their avatars from a number of distinct, fully customizable classes, each with tons of different weapon setups and compete with other players and NPCs in tactical and challenging fights.

It’s not just a match – it’s war!

"We're thrilled to finally launching Crush Online after our highly successful Closed and Open Beta programs," said Achim Kaspers, General Manager GAMESinFLAMES. 
“The game's unique take on MMOs went down exceptionally well with both fans of team-based battles and MMO players who love the idea of a persistent world and epic warfare between factions. We incorporated a lot of the player feedback we received to make the game even better and are very happy to now make the game available to everybody!"
Crush Online is F2P with optional in-game purchases and available in English, French, German, Polish
and Turkish. Players can download the game on the official website or from Steam.

Check out the newest launch trailer:

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