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Geoff Keighley Finally Opens Up About No Man’s Sky

Author: David Lozada

Category: News

Video game host Geoff Keighley has finally opened up about the recent No Man's Sky controversy during his live show debut with YouTube this past week, claiming the game to be “unfinished” and “repetitive." The game was announced during his VGX Awards in December 2013.

Geoff Keighley Finally Opens Up About No Man’s Sky
Geoff Keighley has finally opened up about the recent No Man's Sky controversy during his live show debut with YouTube this past week.

Having had the game announced during his VGX Awards in December 2013, Keighley, who believes that a small studio shipping No Man’s Sky is a “stunning achievement,” revealed that despite that he had several issues with the game during its development, including an incident involving Hello Games’ Sean Murray not wanting to be around him much because he was apparently “too negative” in his assessment of the game.

Keighley’s words can be heard starting at the 1:47:48 mark in the video below:

“I felt like these guys had no idea where they were going to go but they had this huge amount of momentum,” Keighley said about the game‘s first showing in 2013. “I honestly resisted saying anything about this game for the better part of the last year because I’ve been internally conflicted about what I saw happening, and I’ve played a role in this.”

Though he feels like No Man's Sky isn't a bad game, he does claim it to be “unfinished” and “repetitive."

"We all wanted to believe in No Man’s Sky and Sean did too - so much that he was never able to build up the gumption to rip off that band-aid and reveal what was and wasn’t in the game … maybe the platform we gave him to launch the game was too big and created this black hole that he couldn’t pull himself out of.

But no matter what, you have to be honest with your fans. You can’t lie. And Sean wanted to preserve the promise and mystery of the game so much, he started to disrespect his audience. Those of you who paid for it have every right to be disappointed if you felt mislead."

Despite the criticism, Keighley did mention that Murray may appear on the show later this month.

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