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The Golf Club VR

is built off the foundation laid by HB Studios’ original award winning game released in 2014, The Golf Club, taking advantage of the original game’s stunning visual... read more

The Golf Club for VR coming this year

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

HB Studios announces “The Golf Club” for virtual reality. Coming to HTC Vive systems Q4 2016.

The Golf Club for VR coming this year
(Nova Scotia, CAN) October 5th, 2016 - Canadian video game developer, HB Studios, announced today that The Golf Club VR video game is being released in virtual reality on the HTC Vive system by the end of 2016. This further demonstrates the company’s commitment to their best known intellectual property and entertainment title, and will allow gamers to experience The Golf Club from a whole new, truly immersive perspective.

Wathc the The Golf Club VR trailer below:

The Golf Club VR is based on the original award-winning game, and will allow users to play all 130,000+ courses currently available to players of the console and PC versions. The game will include a number of new features designed specifically for the virtual reality experience, including a smartwatch to analyse each shot, room scale VR capabilities for a customised game space, and a single controller used for interacting with the environment and swinging clubs. Highly refined controls and multiple difficulty levels create an accessible experience for all players.

 “Playing The Golf Club on the HTC Vive takes the experience to a whole new level,” said Craig Chapman, Designer of The Golf Club VR. “Not only is it a much more tactile and immersive experience, now the player is also able to freely explore all the fantastic courses and environments which users have created since the original launch of the game.”

”This is another exciting addition to the franchise,” said Alan Bunker, CEO of HB Studios. “The Golf Club is a key title for us, and this is a natural direction for us to take. We’re committed to the franchise for the long term and embrace new technologies which further enhance the awesome experience of the game.”

The Golf Club is an award winning golf simulation video game originally released on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC Windows platforms during Summer 2014 and gained fast recognition for its authenticity and in-depth course designer feature which allows users to design and create courses for sharing and playing with others online. The Golf Club VR is based on the original game (course designer not included). Release date and price to be announced.

For more information on HB studios and The Golf Club, please visit the developer's website, Facebook and the game's website. Follow HB studios and The Golf Club on Twitter @hb_studios and @thegolfclubgame.

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