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My Hero Academia Question Tag

Author: Danielle Crowder

Category: Opinion

These are my answers to The Question Tag for My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Question Tag

Recently my favorite YouTuber Rogersbase who does videos for many different anime shows including the series My Hero Academia, and he recently did video answering 5 questions about the series. If you guys want to see it then I'll put the link here so you can check it out, and also check out his others videos too so go check out his channel and subscribe.

Who is your favorite character in My Hero Academia?

That's really hard to pick, because there are just so many awesome characters, but if I had to pick my favorite male character is Shoto, because  he's pretty much the Zuku of My Hero Academia, and he just awesome. As for my favorite female character is Asui, I love her character she's adorable and like her frog abilities.

What's your favorite arc in My Hero Academia?

Well that's hard to choose there's just so many, but my favorite arc is the final exam arc just seeing all those awesome match ups between the UA teachers and the students, which gave us so many great fights.

Who is your favorite villain in My Hero Academia?

Stain, hands down he was freaking beast, for those who haven't read the Stain arc will look forward to seeing this guy.

If you lived in the My Hero Academia universe what would your quirk be?

It either be something like what Sapphire's power is in Steven Universe being able to see the future, or being able to use water or a healing quirk.

Is My Hero Academia in your top 5 anime or manga series?

No, I wouldn't say that it's in my top 5 anime list, but it's definitely at least in my top 10-15 list though, however it is in my top 5 manga list I really enjoy the different art style that My Hero Academia.

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