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Nintendo NX Hardware Specs Revealed, Much Weaker than PS4

Author: David Lozada

Category: News

The Nintendo NX will function as a console/handheld hybrid and be sold on that premise, if information from an assembly line worker at Asian console manufacturer Foxconn is to be believed. Despite its late debut into the cycle, the device will still be comparatively weaker than the PlayStation 4, much less the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Nintendo NX Hardware Specs Revealed, Much Weaker than PS4
An assembly line worker at Foxconn, a manufacturer of video game hardware in Asia, has detailed Nintendo's upcoming console specifications, as well as sketched out how the NX's separate units will function together.

Translated below, the information reveals that the system will comparatively not match the PlayStation 4, much less the PlayStation 4 Pro, in performance, and that if there's no announcement in October, then Nintendo could forgo revealing the device for the rest of the year altogether.

"NX is a console-handheld hybrid. It is detachable. It contains the console itself, performance module, and the handheld/gamepad.

The console contains HDD, a cartridge slot, and various other interfaces. It supports TV output (but no CPU/GPU).

The performance module is a portable device that provides a power supply. It contains a Li-Ion battery and a CPU/GPU also is contained inside. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wired connections. You plug the dock inside and it becomes a PlayStation 4/Xbox One like console, but you can also transfer the signals to the handheld.

There are two candidate SoC for it: Pascal SoC from Nvidia or AMD R9 SoC.

The handheld part is a 6 inch 720p screen and has a low-TDP SoC, which can satisfy basic operations with lower quality graphics when the performance module is not connected. But it can also display game graphics from the performance module which can provide a console-level graphics. A bit like Nvidia Shield streaming. You can bring the performance module with you (since it has its own battery).

Additionally, whatever the solution will be, the computing power it has falls far behind a PlayStation 4, let alone a PlayStation 4 Pro. Don't have high hopes for that. The selling point for it is high portability and hybrid providing rich gameplay possibilities.

If details don't get revealed in Oct then maybe wait for the beginning of next year.

The author went on to provide a rough sketch of the device and its components as well:

Sketch of the Nintendo NX console
A translation of this image, courtesy of a NeoGAF member SmartWaffles:

Translated sketch of Nintendo's NX console
This sketch matches a patent filed by the company not too long along, again supporting the claim that it will be a console/handheld hybrid:

A patent image bearing striking similarity to the sketch above
Adding further speculation to the NX's imminent reveal is the company's word to EU retailers that they have until just the end of the month to their final orders for the Wii U in, according to online retailer GameSeek. Though no official word had been given, this occurrence doesn't seem unlikely.

Though it remains to be seen what exactly Nintendo has prepared for fans next year, they may have to just wait until next month to find out for sure, if rumors are to be believed. Until then they can celebrate knowing that today is the House of N's 127th birthday, as it was established September 23, 1889.

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Idiot. This was confirmed as fake yesterday.


9 months ago by Stop Spouting Lies
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