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New Trailer Released for WWE 2K17 My Career Mode

The new My Career trailer for WWE 2K17 has been released, narrated by non-other then Paul Heyman, Will you be a Paul Heyman guy?

My Career trailer
On the 19th September a new trailer was released that gave WWE fans a brief, much-anticipated look at the new My Career mode for the upcoming installment. In this trailer, it shows players different ways in which they can carve out their own unique stories to become a future hall of fame. This trailer is narrated by nonother then Paul Heyman himself, who is the manager and long time friend of this year's cover star Brock Lesnar. One of the key selling points of this year's Career mode is the fact you can follow the rules to be the companies top face and rise to the top or become a Paul Heyman guy and become the next biggest star by following one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling history.

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