Yogscast to produce Xbox UK ‘s YouTube channel

Xbox On, produced by Yogcast, is going to to entertain and inform Xbox fans on YouTube and other platforms. This was announced today by the UK's most watched family of YouTube channels.

Yogscast to produce Xbox UK ‘s YouTube channel
September 15, 2016
Yogscast, the UK’s most watched family of YouTube channels, announced today that it has reached an exclusive agreement with Microsoft to produce and manage Xbox UK’s YouTube channel Xbox On.

The channel, which currently has 143,000 subscribers, will relaunch later this month with a new look and refreshed content with a focus to entertain and inform Xbox fans on YouTube and other platforms.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Microsoft on the Xbox On channel. We have agreed a bold new future for the Xbox On brand and can’t wait to get started on it," said Yogscast chief executive Mark Turpin.
“It’s a real mark of confidence from Microsoft –  our knowledge of the market, wealth of talent and experience in building branded channels put us in a unique position to deliver original gaming content on social video channels like YouTube and Twitch.”

“Xbox On is now set for the next stage of its evolution and development with Yogscast, whose expertise in the YouTube space and knowledge of gaming are unrivalled. We look forward to partnering with them and taking Xbox On from strength to strength," said Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK Marketing Director. "We are very grateful to Attention Seekers, who have done a fantastic job establishing Xbox On over the last year and a half, successfully building and engaging with a passionate community of fans.”

Xbox On will be headed up by Matt Castle, who joins as editor-in-chief from Official Xbox Magazine, and includes  established Xbox On presenter BennyCentral. Yogscast’s head of production, Adrian Ruiz-Langan, moves over to the channel and further appointments will be announced soon.

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