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Maldita Castilla EX

is an extended version of the renowned classic arcade Maldita Castilla, originally created by the Spanish indie Locomalito, in collaboration with Abylight Studios.... read more

Maldita Castilla EX comes to Steam Greenlight

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Wield your sword and hold your shield, o valiant knight, for the time has come for you to fight for the land of Tolomera to Steam! Maldita Castilla EX, the most addictive action-arcade game of the Spanish indie scene is about to land on Steam.

Maldita Castilla EX comes to Steam Greenlight

Abylight and Locomalito's game has just started its Steam Greenlight campaign. Only you, our bravest and most loyal knight, can help Don Ramiro to get the coveted Greenlight! 

Click here to visit Maldita Castilla EX Steam Greenlight page... and help Don Ramiro to save the Kingdom of Castile with your vote!
Maldita Castilla EX comes to Steam Greenlight
Maldita Castilla EX is an extended version of the renowned classic arcade Maldita Castilla, originally created by the Spanish indie Locomalito, in collaboration with Abylight Studios. Maldita Castilla was originally published back in 2012. This linear action-arcade gathered unanimous recognition both from gamers and critics, not only for its addictive gameplay, but also for being a double tribute: on the one hand, to classic arcades from the 80s such as Tiger Road, Shinobi or Ghosts’n’Goblins; and on the other hand, to European medieval history and legends.

Maldita Castilla EX comes to Steam Greenlight - PC Gameplay trailer:

  • Explore Tolomera del Rey in depth through 8 game stages 

  • Fight against +48 types of enemies and 19 final bosses

  • Banish the evil invading the Kingdom with 4 different endings 

  • Become a seasoned monster hunter with the illustrated bestiary with unlockable information about the legends featured in the game 

  • Brag about your combat skills with 15 unlockable achievements 

  • Let out your battlecry with songs from the original soundtrack and the remastered audio 

  • Revive the glory of the arcade era with 8 different screen view modes

Please visit the Greenlight page, log in to Steam and give the game your YES to support Maldita Castilla EX! Abylight and Locomalito are working very hard to bring you this classic arcade along with new content not only to attract new players but to appeal to all those that already enjoyed the awesome original game. 

Help Maldita Castilla EX get Greenlit!

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