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Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

is an air-combat action game based on the historical events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that flew against Japan in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theatre of... read more

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Flying Tigers - latest update is out

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Get inside FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA as the COCKPIT/CAMPAIGN Steam update goes live - narrated YouTube video tells it all!

Flying Tigers - latest update is out
September 12, 2016 - As the big things of this world - governments, corporations, institutions - are losing traction, independent air-combat action game Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (FTSOC) grinds along like an old river barge up Burma's Salween gorge, fending off Japanese assaults on the left while expecting Allied reinforcements from the right. It’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from Ace Maddox, so hopefully today’s additions will make you all pleased.

Live on Steam now, this straight-forward update adds a good amount of content and bug fixes. Check out the voiced YouTube video for a thorough overview.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China - Narrated Steam Update:

Update History/Changelog:
  • Four new cockpits and "wide" interior camera added. Hop inside the P-40E, Buffalo Mk. I, Lysander Mk. II or the Japanese Ki-43 fighter! If you're playing on the keyboard and/or mouse, just press the V key to check out the newly added cockpit "wide" camera. And, there's also a refurbished bomb-targeting system for when you're seated in cockpit mode.
  • Voice actors exhausted as Campaign nears completion.  Development of  FTSOC's historical single player campaign is almost complete. We've updated some of the older voices, while a multitude of actors has been working around the clock to record the remainder of the Campaign mission's screenplay in proper. We suggest you give the Campaign a full playthrough, so you can hear for yourselves. 
  • Controller vibration. For those of you who prefer to play/fly with a gamepad, there's now controller rumble for stronger "immersion". 
  • Improved rendering. Shadows and reflections look sharper and are more stable now, this is especially noticeable when you're seated inside. 
  • Toggle HUD elements on the fly. Press the H key while flying to control display mode of the various HUD elements (handy feature when recording video or FRAPSing stills).
  • Ship models. We've updated most of the game's warship models, plus added a typical Southeast Asian wooden cargo ship, namely the Malayan Bedar (which, incidentally, does not look entirely unrelated to the Chinese junk).
  • More Challenges. We've added two new mini-missions in the form of challenges, so go ahead and take that dusty old Vildebeest for a bit of tinfish-safari off the Akyab coast in the new TORPEDOGS challenge, or try out the bombs and machine guns of the Allied P-43A fighter in GROUND ATTACK.
  • Added captured Japanese fighter. We've implemented a captured P-40E fighter, bombs included, to spice up multiplayer cockpit-dogfighting a little. Enjoy the flight!

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