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Dark Flame

A beautiful 2D ARPG throwback to retro greats. Dark Flame brings you the perspective of a knight who must battle the horrific conveyance of unknown evil that has... read more

Dark Flame - pre-Alpha build is now available

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Dark Flame pre-Alpha now available — get your name in the credits! Dark Flame is a 2D ARPG where you play as the protagonist Taharial, a crusader in the Baltic Crusades.

Dark Flame - pre-Alpha build is now available
SEPTEMBER 8, 2016Dark Flames’s pre-alpha demo is now available to all Patrons supporting the game’s development on Patreon. Before December, for $1, you will also be able to appear in the game’s credits as one of the many rewards. The game has been Steam Greenlit and will be coming to PC late 2017.

Relive the retro greats with a new gripping storyline in Dark Flame, a 2D ARPG where you play as the protagonist Taharial, a crusader in the Baltic Crusades. When insanity starts to take over those around you, you set off on a quest to defeat this unknown evil before all is lost in the chaos. With challenging gameplay set in a beautiful medieval environment, will you be able to face the foes that lie ahead and unveil the mystery?

Dark Flame features:

  • A unique leveling system that allows the player to level their own stats
  • The Pyre Concept that allows the player to modify weapons and spells
  • A diverse storyline where you struggle between what is right and wrong
  • Different cosmetic appearances with weapons and armor
  • Hidden rooms and secrets
  • Unlockable talents and hidden powers

“I’m hoping to deliver a fantastic gaming experience to those who, like me, want that retro action feel. Most players have enjoyed what I have so far, and I believe they will get that warm fuzzy feeling when they load up the final version of the game. To turn this possibility into a reality, supporters via Patreon are the lifeblood of our development. I’m very grateful for those who are choosing to accompany me on this journey.”

                                    — Warren Smith, Dark Flame Founder and Lead Developer

You can try out the demo now by becoming a supporter on Patreon (and get your name in the credits!) or visit Dark Flame’s official website for more info.

About Dark Flame

Dark Flame has been in development since 2013. Started by Warren Smith, a veteran transitioning to software development, he has since brought talented professionals onto his team to bring Dark Flame to life. The team is committed to making a game that blends classic with new to bring a unique gaming experience!

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