Mass Effect Trilogy remaster is off the table

EA's Peter Moore implies that a rerelease of last generation's critically acclaimed series won't be coming, even though the company could make an "easy buck" off it. He goes on to say that the publisher is currently focused on delivering new IP and "new experiences" to the consumer.

Mass Effect Trilogy remaster is off the table
EA Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore answered questions about a possible Mass Effect Trilogy remaster during an interview with IGN two days ago, implying that a rerelease is off the table.

Commenting at about the 1 hour 16 second mark in the video below, Moore mentioned that EA "is a company that is focused on delivering for the future. Could we make an easy buck on remastering Mass Effect? Yes."

He went on to say "Do we have teams lying around that are doing nothing right now? No, we don't. We want to focus on the future and delivering new IP and new experiences…There's easy money to be made all over this industry. The real focus should be on players first and focused on delivering new IP and new experiences. That's what our real focus is."

The next installment in the franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda, will release in the first quarter of 2017.

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