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Ahnayro: The Dream World

is a historically focused, narrative driven puzzle game exploring the world of dreams. You play as a person gifted with the ability to look beyond the veil of reality,... read more

Ahnayro: The Dream World Review

Author: DJPaultjeD

Category: Review

A beautiful atmosphere, great music and sound effects, and stunning artwork. Make sure to have Google open in another window; Ahnayro: The Dream World takes puzzle games to the next level!

Ahnayro: The Dream World


Join me in the most atmospheric puzzle game of this year that is Ahnayro: The Dream World. Solve some of the hardest puzzles you've seen in a while and unveil the secret of the dream you are having every night! The spiritual successor of The Black Watchmen is one that will make your mouth water if you love puzzle games. Learn about the link between Peter Pan and the London Children's Hospital and try to find the correct answers online.

At the time of this review, the game only offers one level, but the Developers at Alice & Smith made sure to let everybody know that a lot more is coming!

Ahnayro: The Dream World is available on Steam in Early Access and only supported in English.
“We will stay in Early Access as long as we feel that our content needs to be adjusted or that the game client needs to be improved,” stated the developers.


You start off at a table with some sort of "rune" on it, this rune contains a number of puzzles. The answers of these puzzles need to be connected in the correct order to finish the level. But the answer to these puzzles aren't things everybody just knows; you need to do some research in order to get the right answers. Google was my best friend while I was playing this beautiful game.

The puzzles are made up of a number of clues, such as pictures, book quotes, or a story being told in the background. You need to take the clues and find the common ground to get to the next stage.
If you solved the puzzle, you move on to the next one, until you finished all puzzles on one table. This gives you a set of answers you need to connect at the right way. If you manage to pull this off, you get a rune and can continue to the next stage.

Without even noticing, you learn a lot of cultural history, which is an awesome aspect of this game. You want to learn everything about the subject you just spend a lot of time researching about. I, for one, did not know that the royalties of Peter Pan go to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, but I'm glad I know it now!

To see more gameplay, watch our video review of Ahnayro: The Dream World:

controls and sound

Once you get the hang of the controls, well, how to use your mouse, the game is very intuitive. You click on the set of letters to create your answer, connect words by clicking the one, and then the other, and go back by clicking on the main "rune"; it's easy to figure out. The only thing a lot of people had a hard time figuring out, though, was that in the first release, the game could only be played at night to get the right atmosphere. A real neat idea, but not very practical I'm afraid. Instead, they turned that into an option now. If you enable the Night mode, you can only play at night.

The game looks amazing. It's dark and feels as if you really are in a dream. The developers definitely nailed that one! And the music is something to look forward to if you want to play the game. It's very mysterious and beautiful.

The voice actors who are telling the tale of Ahnayro are doing a great job. They sound like they live in 19th century London, and that is what this game deserves!

The only downside I could find was that it is hard to connect the words you found from earlier puzzles. Most of the time, you're just guessing and trying out all the combinations. The game could use some sort of "Hint" system, but who knows, maybe the developers will add that later on in the game.

Beautiful artwork!


You can't go wrong with a game that costs less than 7 dollars on Steam. And if you like puzzle games, classic London scenery or a great mystery to solve, then I highly recommend this game to you!

+ The game looks amazing
- Puzzles can be hard to figure out
+ Great sound
- Not many levels at the time of the review
+ Learn about cultural history while playing

+ Dedicated developers

+ Cheaper than most games of this quality

SCORE: 9.5/10

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