PS4 Slim 1 Terabyte Model Revealed

The rumored console could be coming in another model if the original leaker of the device is to be believed. Citing the system's manual, a second CUH-2016 product code is reportedly listed to be available.

PS4 Slim 1 Terabyte Model Revealed
According to original leaker shortman82, the leaked PS4 Slim model will be available in more than one model.

The twitter user's console manual, in fact, mentions a CUH-2016B device with a 1 terabyte hard disk drive built-in. An image of his tweet can be seen below:

shortman82's PS4 Slim 1 Terabyte model tweet
Shortman82's model is of the CUH-2016A variety, sporting 500 GB's. The "16" in each case indicates a console sold in the United Kingdom, which fits in accordance with Sony's coding standards.

Fans will have to wait until Sony's PlayStation meeting in New York City this September 7 to learn more about the legitimacy of this most recent rumor.

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