Developers share invaluable experience in post-mortem

Written as a blog on Gamasutra, an article from Flat Kingdom's developer and publisher (Fat Panda and Games Starter) highlights the obstacles and challenges that the developers have overcome to release the game, and later on, to deal with consequences of non-satisfying launch and re-launching of the game.

Flat Kingdom developers share invaluable experience in post-mortem
Flat Kingdom is a game set in a beautiful and peaceful 2D land. Being an Action Adventure Platformer, Indie, the game is being developed by Fat Panda and published by Games Starter. The Indie have undergone a few releases and is being constantly patched by the developers to improve the game even further. Flat Kingdom has Very Positive rating on Steam; however, the road to the game's success wasn't easy.

The developers had to overcome a lot of obstacles and problems. They ranged from two failed crowd-funding campaigns and rename of the game to the need in re-releasing of the game in order to deal with major issues.

In the article linked below, Flat Kingdom developers share their experience in the form of a post-mortem. They talk about how valuable is the community's feedback as well as the balance between the feedback and own vision of the game.

"Flat Kingdom post-mortem. 30 months of learning and shaping our first indie game."

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