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Day of Infamy

Experience intense close-quarters battles in iconic WWII settings. Day of Infamy is a teamwork-oriented shooter which aims to be a continuation and evolution of the... read more

Day of Infamy Early Access Preview

Author: Michael Summers

Category: Preview

Day of Infamy is a First Person Shooter game set in World War 2; it uses a hardcore damage mechanic, immersive environment and brilliant voice acting to deliver a great experience in its current Early Access state. Day of Infamy is definitely a game to keep your eye on.

Day of Infamy Early Access Preview


Day of Infamy is a hardcore, team-based, tactical First Person Shooter set in World War 2. Developed and published by New World Interactive, it released on Steam in Early Access for the price of £14.99. It has a hardcore damage model, and using the weapons in this FPS takes skill and requires the player to get used to bullet spread and also leading their targets due to its hardcore nature. This Early Access game has multiple game modes, such as Online battles, single missions, and co-op missions. This is refreshing as many games of this nature do not offer single and co-op modes. There are also multiple classes with limits on how many players can play as that class on one team. This again goes back to the teamwork factor, as to be successful you have to work as a unit to make the most of each specialized class to ensure your team's chances at victory. With the time I have spent with this title already, it is a promising title that offers a fresh, interesting gameplay style with a nice variety of game modes.

U.S trying to capture beach from German team in Day of Infamy


As mentioned above, Day of Infamy offers a very hardcore damage model, as well as advanced gun mechanics that forces the player to really take their time with shots in order to be accurate and effective. Combine these factors together and you get a slower paced but also exciting FPS. As teamwork is one of the key factors of the title, the way you choose your class is very important; on most maps, some of the classes will have a limit, for example, a sniper class normally has a limit of 2 depending on the map. This also applies for the MG which again normally has a limit of 2. This is to not only stop a team of having all one class but to also force players to work together and enforce strategies to capture objectives and to turn the battle in their favor. Another huge point of Day of Infamy is the hardcore damage model. In this FPS, one well-placed shot can kill or fatally injure, and any more than two shots are almost a guaranteed kill. Because of this, the environment is such a key factor to success. If your team can manage to capture an area with good cover or you manage to flush the enemy out of their cover, then it can really turn the tides of a battle and give you and your team a huge advantage. One of the things that surprised me most about Day ofInfamy are the various modes the user can play. It not only offers single player and Multiplayer but it even offers cooperative missions which was such a nice and refreshing addition that most games of this type don't offer today; that in my opinion is a huge positive. In the single player mode, the user has the option to play as the British, US or German factions. Each faction has their own missions unique to them.

Showing the different factions single player missions in Day of Infamy


The graphics in Day of Infamy are not as pleasing as other games of this type, but that is in no way a bad thing. They are good in places and on the rare occasion not so much, but overall the graphical fidelity is not that bad. It's a serious, gritty shooter set in World War 2, and the graphics show that. It suits its purpose which again is another positive. The player will also find a nice amount of options in the graphics tab that allows for a fair amount of tweaking. This is another benefit because it allows this game to be played on a variety of PCs.

Sniping enemy team in Day of Infamy


The quality of sound in this Early Access game is of a very high standard. The gunshots, explosions and ambient sounds are another huge factor of immersion. Sound is always an important factor of video games in my opinion, especially First Person Shooters, and Day of Infamy does not disappoint. The most impressive part of the sound in this title, in my opinion, is the voice acting. It again brings that immersion factor up and is some of the best voice acting in an online shooter I've heard in a while. When you're in the middle of a firefight and you hear the voices of your teammates shouting instructions, calling out enemy locations, or even hearing the enemy cry out in pain if they get hit is such a huge thing and really brings that player immersion up to another level. Combine the sound with the impressive, sometimes frighteningly fun gunplay and brilliant level design, you get one hell of a combination.

Day of Infamy character selection screen


The performance of Day of Infamy is also impressive. I run on a mixture of high and highest settings at 60 frames per second. The only time I notice slight drops in the frame rate is if there is a large player battle with a lot of explosions; even on lower end systems this game will run at a very nice frame rate. If anyone is struggling to get that sweet spot of 60FPS, there are many options you can tweak to get that.

Day of Infamy video options screen

My Overall Experience

My overall experience of Day of Infamy is a very good one. For a game that is in Early Access, the sound, gun mechanics, damage model and environments are very impressive. Pair these things with the multiple game modes and you have a winner. The Graphics in this Early Access game are not the best but still does its job well. I have quite a few hours logged on this title already and I will definitely be logging more, when this FPS is fully released it will definitely be one to keep your eye on.

Taking cover in bunker on Day of Infamy
 + Great performance for Early Access game
 - Graphics are not the best
 + Great gunplay and damage model

 + Teamwork players a massive role

 + Variety in game modes

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