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New Homeland

stays true to the gameplay, the look and the feel of classics from the 8 & 16 bits era. It blends the fun and precise controls of a platform game, the epic journey in a... read more

New Homeland got its Kickstarter campaign started

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Welcome to your New Homeland! A tasty blend of 2D classics and Sandbox in a world full of beautiful pixels.

New Homeland got its Kickstarter campaign started
STRASBOURG, FRANCE – August 15th 2016  –  After 2 years of development, Hot Fudges Games announces its Kickstarter campaign for New Homeland, an original blend of various classics from the 8 & 16 bits era, the Sandbox genre and high-quality pixel art.

"What if, back in the days, the classics were developed using today's technology?".


As its core, New Homeland stays true to the gameplay, the look and the feel of classics from the 8 & 16 bits era. It blends the fun and precise controls of a platform game, the epic journey in a huge world to explore of an action adventure game, the raw action and challenges of Metroid Vania's dungeons.

New Homeland also lives in the times and features the world that is fully interactive, dynamic and alive by incorporating a Life Simulation/City building aspect to the whole.

Moreover, the player is given a great freedom of action and growth integrating elements from a Sandbox/RPG game. You can be an adventurer, a warrior, a wizard, a craftsman, a hunter, a builder, a miner, a trader, a leader, a farmer...


         A 16 bits era general aesthetic with high quality pixel art and animations.

         A wide range of skills and roles: adventurer, warrior, wizard, craftsman, trader, leader, farmer.

         A living world with its own fauna, flora and peoples. Human beings have a personality, a daily routine, a job, they are organised and social.

         An engine and technology tailored to enhance the gameplay and fun.

         A wide variety of content: Lots of items to discover, buy and craft. All kinds of environments: overworld, underground, sea and sky. A meaningful list of enemies to fight, with specific behaviors, animations and patterns. Many dungeon types with all kinds of room designs. A whole lot of NPCs, quests, puzzles and secrets.

         Huge, daunting, funny, crazy, small, inhuman and challenging bosses!

Here's New Homeland trailer:

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