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Emily Wants To Play

is a unique horror game released on December 10th, 2015. After several months of being featured on various videos and played by various people, Emily Wants To Play became... read more

Emily Wants To Play Q&A (VR support and sequel?)

Author: Michael Keener

Category: Interview

Shawn Hitchcock, sole creator of Emily Wants To Play, shared some of his plans and thoughts about the future of the game, technical ambitions regarding its VR compatibilities, and some insight on a potential sequel in the works already.

Emily Wants To Play Interview, VR, and Sequel
I had a great opportunity to discuss things about Emily Wants To Play with Shawn Hitchcock, the owner of SKH Appsand sole creator/developer/publisher of the game. A very proud and humble individual, Shawn has given KeenGamer and me some insight on his future plans and ideas regarding his projects. Take a look at the short Q&A below, and don't forget to check out the Emily Wants To Play Review!


Q: First things first, what inspired you to make this game?

A: I have been making apps and games since 2010, and I was looking for something new to create. I’ve always liked scaring people during Halloween, and I like to see my friends’ and family’s reactions to scary games and movies. I decided it would be a fun and interesting direction for a new project. I thought that maybe I could make something that scares people too, and it would be fun to watch. The inspiration for the characters and the story came from my own fears. I am very afraid of horror films and scary games, especially if they involve the supernatural or a scary girl crawling around a house. I had a huge fear of dolls and mannequins as a child, and I still don’t really like them. So instead of shying away from those topics, I tried to incorporate them into the game. I figured that if I am afraid of them, then others might be as well.

Q: How do you personally feel about your Emily Wants To Play project?

A: I absolutely love the project. It has taken countless hours of work to create and add it to each platform, but I love it. I want everyone to experience it, and I can’t wait to create more.

Emily Wants To Play Clown in the Hallway
Q: Do you plan on improving it with future updates/content?

A: I plan on updating the Steam version of the game to work with VR and possibly add more content. Console development set me back in my original plan by several months, so I am not sure if I will work on an entirely new game or update [this] one.

Q: Do you have any other future projects planned? If so, will you be also looking to bring them to consoles? And if it's not too early, do you have maybe an idea of the setting/characters/antagonists?

A: I plan on making a VR only game set in the world of Emily Wants to Play. I want to try to make it as scary as possible. I am not sure of the setting and characters, but it will definitely include the original 4 characters in some way. I have already done some work on the sequel to the game. The original characters will make a comeback, and there will be new characters as well. I am pretty positive about the setting, but I don’t want to give out too much information right now. As soon as I say something, people expect it, and I like to have the freedom to change things. As soon as I have something set in stone, I will present it.

Q: How will any success from this game help all your future plans/projects?

A: I have had so much fun creating a scary game that I think I will focus on the horror genre as much as I can. Every penny from the purchases of Emily Wants to Play will help fund my future game projects. Whether it makes money or not, I think I will still make similar games because I love watching people play the game and sharing it with each other. I have watched hundreds of gameplay videos and really enjoyed every moment of them. And now I have tons of new ideas from watching how people reacted to Emily Wants to Play, and I cannot wait to implement them.

KeenGamer thanks Shawn Hitchcock for his time and making this interview possible. 
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Emily Wants To Play is out for Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and can be found on Steam.

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