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Deep Down

is an upcoming role-playing video game by Capcom and SIE Japan Studio for the PlayStation 4. Deep Down is a single-player game with the option to have up to four players... read more

Deep Down granted final trademark extension

Author: David Lozada

Category: News

The silent game first announced in 2013 has been approved a fifth trademark extension by the United States Patent and Trademark Office today, raising doubt amongst patient fans as to whether or not it'll ever see the light of day again.

Deep Down's last chance
Capcom has been granted a final trademark extension for their very quiet Deep Down trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office today. The publisher has six months to prove that the trademark is being used for commerce within the US before it's automatically abandoned under national law.

Prolonged until February 9, 2017, this is the fifth extension granted for the game since its announcement in 2013 as a poster boy for the new Panta Rhei engine. The title hasn't been mentioned in any official announcements in over a year.

Capcom's request states that it "maintains its efforts in conducting product and/or service research or development with respect to the allowed goods and services," binding them in a law equivalent to a sworn statement at court.

With Tokyo Game Show rapidly approaching in September, it remains a matter of time before we find out whether or not Deep Down sees the light of day again.

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