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Game Bakers celebrate Furi's first month with presents

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

The Game Bakers celebrate Furi’s first month with presents and more! Get Free Wallpapers, Avatars and Profile Pictures Plus Discount Prices on T-Shirts, Poster and Album for Top Achievers!

Game Bakers celebrate Furi's first month with presents!
Montpellier, France - August 8, 2016 - To celebrate the first month of the successful Furi, the vibrant looking and tough-as-nail combat action game on PlayStation and PC, The Game Bakers have announced several tokens of appreciation for the great community behind the game.

Starting on Wednesday, August 11, fans of Furi will have the chance to get free Avatars for PS4, and for PC owners, free wallpapers and profile pictures. Avatars will be available on the PlayStation store and the wallpapers/profile pictures on The Game Bakers’ blog.

Top players who have earned all of the Trophies / Achievements in Furi will be acknowledged with a 30% reduction off the Furi T-shirts, posters or vinyl on the Furi store (Platinum on PS4), and 15% off for those who finish the game. To claim their reduction coupons, players should contact Game Bakers at with a proof of their achievement (account name PS4/Steam and the screenshot of their trophies/achievements), or join a PlayStation club like Furi Platinum Elite.

The first month of Furi has taken many fans and communities by storm, with the best Speedrunners in the world reaching impressive times in what has been called a tough, challenging, brutal game. The world record is now lowered to approximately 35 minutes. 

For those who appreciated the brilliant collection of electro, synth and techno bands such as Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, and others, the Game Bakers are happy to reveal that the Furi double vinyl is about to sell out! However, considering the overwhelming demand, the French developer is planning on printing more.

As a reminder, Creative Designer Emeric Thoa also shared some of the hard design decisions behind making a game that's not meant to please everyone but strives to create strong memories for its audience in a blog post.

Last but not least: For all of the fans in Japan clamoring for Furi, the game was just released on the PS4 store, and is free for the month of August.

For anyone still having a difficult time getting past bosses, watch the official full video walkthrough of Furi  and a FAQ page. 

Here's Furi's launch trailer:

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