Spy Chameleon Review (PS4)

Nobody is more qualified for special stealth missions than you, a color changing chameleon of the RGB agency. Take this sly protagonist through floors of puzzles, flooded with security as you attempt to make it from one safe zone to another. With 75 increasingly difficult puzzles, can you accomplish your main objective while fulfilling other challenges along the way? Everything you need to know about this game can be found right here!

Spy Chameleon Review


As an RGB agent (Red Green Blue), you are given special assignments which require a high level of skill and sneakiness to accomplish. This arcade-puzzle game was developed by Unfinished Pixel and makes its way to consoles after being a part of the Steam store for two years. The object of the game is to make it from one safety area of a floor to another while avoiding the different forms of security and collecting as many flies (and a ladybug or two) as possible. You have the ability to change color, allowing you to blend into colored portions of the floor. You can buy it from the PlayStation Network, Xbox Marketplace, or Steam for $4.99.

Spy Chameleon Red Carpet Camouflage


There are 75 puzzles to play through; 5 RGB assigned missions with 15 puzzles each. Alongside making a chaotic dash from one safety zone to another, you'll find lines of flies to collect, which will also suggest the best path to take. Running through a completed level a second time will offer the opportunity to collect ladybugs and set new timed records, the other "challenges" offered on each floor.

Who better to sneak through floors of security traps than a chameleon. At the press of a button (the 4 action buttons on the right-side of the controller each are mapped for the colors), you can switch between the four possible forms of camouflage including red, green. blue, and yellow (pink on PlayStation 4).There are carpets scattered throughout the floors with these colors, allowing you to effectively hide from the security. Additional to camouflage, you'll find stealth in the form of cardboard boxes that you throw over your head, walls, spilled paint, etc.  

Spy Chameleon Level Laboratory
Security is the enemy. There are a few forms of security: cameras that will slowly hone in on your location the longer you are not in color stealth, patrolling robots rolling around with either a distinguished field of view or surrounding sensors in case you bump them, stationary robots also with a field of view, fish inside of bowls with the same field of view, or even walking rats inside of the laboratory. If any of them catch you, the alarm will raise and you will be forced to restart from the beginning of the level if not a checkpoint crossed somewhere in the middle.

The floors have a consistent theme throughout the missions, making it feel like you're playing for a larger purpose and giving each mission its own flavor. The sound is pretty standard; casual enjoyable music with a ringing alarm that'll magnify the frustration of whatever mistake you made to set it off.

Spy Chameleon Gameplay Colored Rugs


Spy Chameleon is simple in a good way and offers a good bit of gameplay to enjoy that'll last for some hours. The 75 levels, as they increase in difficulty, challenge players to be quicker, more precise, and analytical of the security. Replay value is found in the achievements/trophies obtainable from playing each floor at least twice, as well as the challenges of collecting all the flies, ladybugs, "beat the time,"and the pursuit of ranking top spot on global/friends leaderboards. It's a fun game to just randomly pick up and play and does not require any length of straight gaming to receive all that it has to offer. You could find enjoyment playing for 5 minutes or a few hours. A price tag of $5 is not too demanding on the wallet, and a finding a sale for the game would feel even more rewarding.

+ Global/friends leaderboards– Somewhat repetitive over time
+ Hard difficulty mode– No story or protagonist development
+ 75 puzzles and replay value from challenges
+ Fast and challenging gameplay

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