Infinium Strike Review

Infinium Strike is nonstop Tower Defense fun with challenging micromanagement and upgradeable turrets. Defeat the invading Wrogs and defend Earth from devastation! Read our review to know more about this Tower Defense game.

Infinium Strike Review


Infinium Strike is a space-themed turret defense game. Control the TSF Freedom Strike, build turrets, and defend your ship from the attacking Wrog ships. Turrets can be upgraded with Infinium, which is collected upon the destruction of enemy Wrog vessels. Complete each level and experience another chapter in the story of Earth’s defense against these outside hostile forces.

Infinium Strike was developed by Codex Worlds and is being sold on the Steam store for $14.99.

Typical Infinium Strike screenshot - amazing background and laser shots


The year is 2170, and you are humanity’s last hope. You have to defend the Earth via your position as the TSF Freedom Strike’s Weapons Officer.

Jump back to the early 22nd century. Man has invented a way to harness the power of dark matter, which has allowed for interstellar travel. The Terran Space Council (TSC), basically the United Nations of space affairs, allowed for an open corporate and governmental colonization throughout space. Things went well for many decades. Then, the Wrog came.

Out of nowhere, an intimidating and unreceptive species began an assault with no idea of peace in mind. No one had any idea where the Wrog came from, but they’re here now. These alien invaders destroyed Earth’s forces and attacked the colonized bases, harvesting the bodies of their human victims along the way. Terran Space Fleet (TSF) attempted to combat this unrelenting force, but with no prevail.

Twenty years go by of war between the races. What is Earth’s plan of action? Operation Freedom is the last ditch attempt at fighting back against the Wrog armies. The TSF built the largest spacecraft ever assembled, Free Strike. You are to assume the role of Weapons Officer of the Freedom Strike. Can you save the world?

This is my typical Tower Defense starategy: I start with building a lot of similar cannons.


Infinium Strike is a Tower Defense game and plays like one. Build turrets as enemies approach each sector of the ship. There are four sectors, one on each side, and each will need to be navigated to separately to build defenses there. Throughout each level, Wrog portals will open up in various sectors. You will have to build defenses on the corresponding sectors and upgrade them periodically to succeed. Turrets can be built and upgraded with Infinium, which is a resource that you can conveniently harvest from destroyed Wrog spacecraft.

Unfortunately, the upgrades made to the turrets are not visible. For example, you have to click on the turret in order to see its current upgrade level. My wish is that upgrades were visible changes to the turret. Who doesn’t like visible upgrades?! It would also help to keep track of which turret was at which upgrade level. There are not any descriptions for the turrets either, at least within the gameplay. You can view the codex to see a more detailed description of the turrets, but while you are playing the game it does not tell you much about them. This Tower Defense requires a little bit of trial and error to find out exactly what each turret does and when to place them.

Looks rough. Can I beat so many enemies in Infinium Strike?

The gameplay is most definitely a fun experience and gets progressively more so the further you get. At the beginning, the game can be pretty monotonous, but luckily Infinium Strike offers a speed-up button that allows for x2, x3, and x4 speeds of gameplay! Once you are into the later levels of the game it becomes a lot of micromanaging of all four of your sectors.

Each level in the campaign is accompanied by an interesting chunk of the storyline of Infinium Strike. Props to Codex Worlds for including a compelling story within a modernized Tower Defense game. It is definitely a unique one. The player can also check out the codex, a summary of everything within the game, anytime they need to inform themselves on Infinium Strike’s game mechanics or lore.

Photograph Mode is something the developers included to allow players to capture some of the most intense moments inside the game. Simply hit the “P” key during any mission to enter Photograph Mode.

Damn! This looks like a wallpaper too! Infinium Strike is so gorgeous!


I had to include a section about the game’s graphics because I like it that much. Although the standards for how games must look recently has been rising, Infinium Strike still looks great. The game allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees to check out the rest of your ship. The graphics of the cinematic scenes between levels are also pretty impressive. There are transition scenes that occur between the level select screen and the game-play that never fail to hypnotize me with their beauty. I sincerely love how Infinium Strike looks.


Infinium Strike is a game that deserves praise, but also deserves honest criticism. It’s a unique twist on the Tower Defense genre and has a lot going for it. However, there are things that need to be tweaked and corrected. It has received mixed reviews by the community and I agree with some of their points, but not all of them. One point that stood out to me that was made by a community member was that when your ship takes damage, it is almost unnoticeable. Basically, you have to keep an eye on your shield meter in order to tell when you have been damaged. This kind of breaks the immersion. A fix for this would be to include camera shake or some notifying effects for the player. This, along with some other tweaks, could improve the immersion of the game and overall improve the game itself. Keep up the hard work Codex Worlds!

One of many amazing wallpapers that Infinium Strike has.

Pros Cons
 + Is not a Tower Defense base builder – Campaign feels detached 
 + Appreciable level of challenge  – Advanced camera dependency
 + Amazing Graphics
 + Impactful levels of difficulty  


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