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Too Angry To Space

Do you miss the times when games were not holding your hand? When they did not forgive mistakes and controls and rules were clear and simple to learn? YES? So you miss... read more


Retro game Too Angry To Space coming to Steam next week

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Too Angry To Space encourages you to sit back, relax and get ready for some classic 2D side-scrolling action reinvented and re-imagined!

Retro game Too Angry To Space coming to Steam next week
San Francisco, CA, August 3rd 2016: Indie game developer Andrzej Chrzanowski (aka AK84C) is proud to announce August 8th 2016 as the official worldwide release date for his critically acclaimed Too Angry To Space offering a blast from the past with its fast-paced arcade action. Recently Greenlit and coming to Mac and Linux in the foreseeable future, Too Angry To Space tells the meaningless story of an alien-infested space station begging to be zapped. Human resistance was futile and everyone aboard got killed, that is everyone except you, yes you, Sergeant Red Madson, now on a vengeful mission to clean up the cosmic mess…

Too Angry To Space encourages you to sit back, relax and get ready for some classic 2D side-scrolling action reinvented and re-imagined! With its clever blend of platforming trickery and old-school pixel-perfect jump’n’fun, lock-and-load and embark on a dangerous mission to defend your base… Mission objective: kill robots, destroy enemies, kill more robots, survive and escape! Who knows, there might be a few surprises along the way? (or you get lost or trapped! HA!) Can you discover the exit in 14 challenging levels and return to earth for a well-deserved brew? Purists of the genre seeking intense hardcore action without the useless post-RPG nonsense like leveling the hero or sneaking around will instantly feel at home!

  •          Retro-inspired gameplay and action
  •          14 levels with 160 different rooms to explore
  •          4 types of weapons with 2 modes of use
  •          Parental Controls (no, really!)
  •          Intuitive controls and one-handed gameplay!
  •          Get punished if you die too often! (How cool is that?) - Clever auto-save system
Disclaimer: this game is highly addictive and promises to satisfy your nostalgia cravings

More info about Too Angry To Space can be found on Steam and the official website.

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