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Grim Dawn: Crucible to release August 3rd

Author: Veronika

Category: News

The Crucible DLC introduces a challenging new arena survival mode to Crate Entertainment’s Action RPG Grim Dawn. Grim Dawn: Crucible will release August 3rd.

The Crucible DLC
Enter the Crucible, a harsh battleground filled with waves of Grim Dawn’s deadliest fiends. There you will engage in magnificent combat for the amusement of the Crucible’s mysterious overlord, Lokarr. But he is not a cruel master: endure his trials and be rewarded with vast wealth; fail, and know only his scorn.

Featuring multiple arenas, 150 challenging waves of enemies and all new mechanics, the Crucible offers a great new way to enjoy Grim Dawn’s visceral combat and vast character customization options.

Grim Dawn recently surpassed the half-million mark in sales on PC and remains one of the top 100 games by sales on Steam; with a 93% user rating and a Metacritic meta-score of 83%.

Grim Dawn: Crucible will be available on Steam and GOG with a 15% launch discount.

Grim Dawn: Crucible screenshot
Key Features

Multiple Arenas – Battle across four deadly arenas filled with Grim Dawn’s most vicious beasts and monstrosities. Each arena features a different layout with varied defensive positions.
  • Conquer 150 Unique Waves 
  • Vast Wealth Awaits 
  • Earn the Favor of the Celestials 
  • Forge Powerful Defenses 
  • Endure Cruel Mutators 
  • Personal Leaderboard 
For more info on this game mode, please visit Grim Dawn’s Game Guide.

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