The Spatials: Galactology Review

Let's have a first look at the funny space strategy game in which you build up your own space station, called The Spatials: Galactology. Build your own massive base by stealing, sorry, extracting resources from planets around you. Build up your base, defend against raiders and try to get tourists to leave you all their money in this fun strategy game! Developed by Weird and Wry, this game is now available on Steam.

The Spatials: Galactology Review


The Spatials: Galactology is a space strategy game in which you build a base on a meteor for your colony to live, eat, work and sleep in. You fly your ships to nearby planets inhabited by other races, and you gather resources to expand your base even further. The other races will be fine with that, as long as you don't take everything. We won't, I promise *cough*

The Spatials: Galactology Review. Explore new planets
With these resources all loaded up, you bring them back to your little meteor and process the raw materials in usable goods, either for your colonists to eat or work with, or to sell them to the tourist coming to visit your beautiful space station.

You always have to be careful about raiders, though! These thieves will stop at nothing trying to destroy the beautiful base you worked so hard on! Build turrets and safety doors to keep them out, or simply let your colonists take care of them.

The game is available on Steam for around $13.00, the soundtrack is available on Steam for around $5.00.
The Spatials: Galactology is available in English.

For more info, take a look at the game in the Steam Store.

The Spatials: Galactology Review. Kill all the bad things!


The Spatials: Galactology isn't a new game, in fact, it is a reboot of The Spatials, made by the same company Weird and Wry but they weren't completely satisfied with the end product. And what do you do as Indie game developer when your baby doesn't come out perfect? Right! You start from scratch! Now there is some dedication!

The developer said:
The Spatials: Galactology started life as a free update to The Spatials. We soon realized that greatly expanding the universe and adding a bunch of new features would have only one result: a brand new game! We hope our dedicated fans are ready to get their hands on a much richer, more filling take on The Spatials they all know and love.”

The game offers a lot for the space strategy fan, and for the builders as well! You can choose from an enormous amount of room styles to place down in your station, and you can put whatever you want in there! Objects aren't tied together with certain room types. And that works like a charm! If I want my showers and beds in the same room, I can do that with no problem, a builders dream!

Key features:

  • Design a space station and watch your crew as they build it in real time 
  • More freedom for your designs: use any room with any objects, color the floor tiles as you wish 
  • Reinforce your space station with new buildings, management decisions, and staff 
  • Assemble robots to assist with station chores 
  • Explore a detailed simulation with many systems to play with — including manufacturing, research, healthcare, disease, emotional breakdowns, combat, hunger, thirst, cleaning, decay, security, FIRE!, and more 
  • Handle complex logistics, requiring restocking and inventory control 
  • Earn in-game cash by growing your space station’s hospitality business 
  • Designate staff for your bar or your research lab 
  • Visitors and officers have a mind of their own. Make sure their needs are met! 
  • Build hospitals to care for the wounded and diseased 
  • Secure your station with cameras, scanners and turrets 
  • A randomly-generated galaxy with 100+ planets 
  • Build spaceships and explore the galaxy 
  • Explore the surface of planets and asteroids 
  • Engage in real-time combat to forge alliances and make new enemies 
  • Find natural resources, civilizations and ancient ruins 
  • Establish trade routes with your allies 


Imagine if Theme Hospital and Roller Coaster Tycoon had a baby in space, you'd have The Spatials: Galactology.

The gameplay is easy to figure out if you have played strategy games before. Pick an object, place it in a room and drag to rotate it, easy as that. Building rooms is done in the same way, you pick a design from the numerous designs available, and drag the room shape. Your colonists will start building and then you can place everything you want inside the room.

The Spatials: Galactology Review. Put everyone at work
You assign your colonists to tasks in one simple screen, like the screen in Banished and I must say I love that feature. You don't have to search around your entire base for that one character and tell him what machine to interact with. Give him a job and he will do it.

The only thing I didn't like was the tutorial system. It's just a bunch of text pop-ups. I like my tutorials interactive, just tell me what to do, and let me mess around with it. But the game is still in early access so the developers might change that in the future.

See the gameplay for yourself in the video below:


The graphics for this game are pretty good. A lot of indie strategy games that came out lately looked like they were made in RPG Maker, but not this one. It has a real old school cartoon-like feel like Theme Hospital had, but all polished up to fit today's standard.

The sound effects are good, but repetitive. Once you heard a Raider fire his rifle a couple of times, you had enough of it. But that is one of the few downsides of the game and I can live with that.

The soundtrack of the game is good, it fits the scene of the game and gives it some extra ambiance, though a bit loud at times.

As a huge fan of the strategy genre, I advise you to pick up the game and try it for yourself. It isn't expensive and it will keep you entertained for at least a couple of days.

The Spatials: Galactology Review. Size every room the way you want it


With these pros and cons in mind, I'm going to give this game a score of 8 out of 10, because the developers did almost everything right in my opinion. The downsides are things that could be placeholders in the early access phase of the game and might be replaced, at least, I hope.

The Spatials: Galactology

Developed by:Weird and Wry
Published by:Weird and Wry
Released on Steam on July 7th, 2016.

Pros Cons
+ Fun game with enough stuff to do – Tutorial is very basic
+ Nice graphics that give you a nostalgic feeling – Sound effects could use some more work
+ Good soundtrack

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