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Battlezone 98 Redux

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Battlezone 98 Redux - Red Odyssey launched on Steam

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Red Odyssey is a huge DLC expansion for Battlezone 98 Redux. Remastered by Big Boat Interactive, the game is out on Steam and GOG.

Battlezone 98 Redux  - Red Odyssey launched on Steam
Rebellion has launched Red Odyssey, a huge DLC expansion for Battlezone 98 Redux, today on Steam and GOG. Remastered by Big Boat Interactive, the expansion expands Battlezone’s alternative space-race lore with two new factions - The NSDF Black Dogs and the Chinese Red Army. Here's the list of DLC's features:
  •          Two new single-player campaigns across two planets and 23 missions
  •          Over 30 new vehicles and buildings to take into battle
  •          5 new multiplayer maps, FREE for all players, not just owners of The Red Odyssey
  •          Completely remastered visuals, remodeled vehicles, enhanced lighting, detailed terrain and much more ...  
Here's official launch trailer for the Red Odyssey DLC:

Also, Rebellion has announced a launch discount and a new edition of the original game. Until August 31, there's a 15% discount for the Red Odyssey expansion. At the same time, there's a similar discount for the original game, named Battlezone 98 Redux Odyssey Edition.

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