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Overwatch - The New Character Ana 7/13/2016

Author: PowerPix

Category: News

This is about the new character known as Ana from Overwatch

What Is She?
Ana is a support/sniper character that you can play right now in the PTR version in the game currently and will be added soon in the near future into the original version of the game but anyways lets get into her backstory 
Image result for ana overwatchOrigin Story
Ana is the mother of Pharah (Rocket Lady) that is from Egypt that joined overwatch to help others with the crew of Overwatch but after years of being in it she got into a horrible accident with Talon (The Compettition against Overwatch) where she got one of her eyes shot out from Widowmaker  and survived but was forced to leave Overwatch. Sense she couldn't catch up to the others or well do as well so she was forced to leave and was in a deep state of depression but after the Overwatch Crew became Recalled she came running back into the field with her sniper to aid those in need and to kick some ass.

Her Gun
She carry's her trusty syringe sniper rifle that has about 6 rounds each magazine that heals and can damage friend or foe that also poison enemy over time for about 2-3 seconds for a fair amount of damage but that doesn't make her great sense simply she cant hit head shots with it and also it barely does enough damage.To really fend your self. Until you know your team comes back then theirs the healing that more or less a very cringe thing to see sense simply lets say your a mercy you only have to click once on a fellow hero to simply heal them but with ANA she has to aim and hit fellow heroes which can really make it tough for starters and more or just people who cant aim.Sense I had to play about 20 rounds of Competitive before I made this and it was tough for me to just keep a track of fellow heroes and all i can say to fix this is to just boost healing or damage sense Ana desperately needs it Blizzard.
First ability Shift
Now lets get to her Shift ability where she pulls out a prostitute pistol i mean a single shot pistol with a tranquilizer bullets within it that takes 12 seconds to use again after use and it buts your enemy's to sleep for 4 seconds and.Can stop earlier if anyone damages the person who are asleep now this not only disables heroes like Zarya is now easily countered sense simply she cant put up shields for when shes down so it counters those who have escape or healing abilities speaking of which.
Second Ability E
Were moving onto her E ability which is the only other one there is to cover sense that is the only really left unless you being a old woman an ability then yes there are more than one wait get back on track power anyways her E is a vial of god knows what.That heals you and those around you that are team mates while foes when are hit by it cant heal at all so its great against road hog or bastion and etc sense well they cant get any heal which in my opinion can become really broken at some points of a game especially on bastion fortresses but over all this in my opinion is a really fun ability to mess around with especially if you have six Ana's where you can keep trading on a single hero or just disable it for everyone which can make some real weird things.
Her Ultimate
Nano boost is a ability that pretty much boosts everything except health (PLZ Blizzard) that is easily to get or charge that makes some interesting things like a sprinting soldier 76 with a Lucio speed boost that makes him insanely fast.But anyways this the ultimate is fairly good but to really make this great is if it was for the rest of the team instead of a single person yes I understand it might be OP but they can just make it a 20% bonus on the stats that she boost .

Is She Over Powered?
Nope I really cant say that (not being payed) sense simply shes not a good enough hero in damage or healing to be really called OP but her abilities are kinda though IF you are matched up against heroes you can counter against so in her current stages shes a hero to have fun with or stun lock people with Mcree. All I can say if I really wanted to see her as a character than wouldn't be picked for fun it would be needed for rather she can charge shots like 
Widow-Maker or just simply have more healing or damage overall shes a fun pick and these were my thoughts good talking to you everyone so Have A Nice Day.

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