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My Opinions On ESO

Author: PowerPix

Category: Review

How I Feel About ESO 7/12/2016

The Idea
So this is my thoughts on ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Its a amazing game that has been going through hate from its start and etc lately mainly from it being owned by Zenimax and Bethesda but they do make a great team together to make an MMO-RPG.
Image result for EsoThe Combat 
Its overall a fun thing to watch and play I've played all the classes and also have gotten all the add on from DLC to werewolf and vampire bites and overall its when you actually use the ability's  Instead of just light and heavy attack (no one loves you if you do that) But it has its downfalls from glitches and more but overall its great and polished really well 8/10.

The Story (Spoiler Warning)
Its story is in front of you unless you just skip all the dialogue (I did it your not the only one guilty) but its mainly about three races and bad people called deadric the three races hate each other but they all know they have to fight the deadric sense if they do not everyone will die so yeah they are kinda screwed.Until you show up as a prisoner of the deadric or slave and have to get out i wont get onto more of it sense no one likes spoilers but that is the bear basics of it and overall its really nice to see a Bethesda game with real story that makes you feel like you did something in the world so overall 9/10

The Community 
Its not toxic really at all i might as well tell you how my first day on this game was like I didn't speak to anyone for about god knows how until i tryed to say hey to someone and that person happened to be a public dancer... Anyways after about an hour of chatting we became friends overall so in a nutshell the games community wants you to contact instead of you waiting for someone and its they are also very nice sense well ive been helped out by not only guild members but also random people so its a great bunch of people that i do respect as a community that are loyal to this game kinda like World Of Warcraft...

The World
Alright what i did first was explore because this is a elder scrolls game its built for that to explore and have fun which it does great at and it doesn't feel like all the dungeons parts of tamriel wasn't just thought up in one day and that is the beauty of it and the most important part of it was the fact that it encourages it to the game to collect raw materials and runes and its the best way to get stuff so overall

The Character Creation 

Alright time for all of you fashion people to start getting up sense this game offers many different types of styles of armors weapons and more and you also get to color them from dye you get from achievements to pimp your girl or guy out with that fancy iron or rawhide armor and also you can never find the same person  or someone that looks nearly identical to someone else sense simply thats how much the creation kit offers for everyone and overall its perfect 10/10

Is There gun swords???
No Billy there isn't this is not far cry THIS IS THE ELDER SCROLLS (ONLINE)

The Items

This game is amazing for the amount of stuff you can get sense its a elder scrolls game it has crafting, cooking and alchemy for everyone and also the styles that i mention earlier also help for that different look and can be collected and etc from random drops and etc plus the game didn't forget about you twilight fans.You can get stuff to make you into Edward or that werewolf guy (Forgot his name -_-) but it kinda falls on its face from the factor of well stuff has to be under your level or on your level to use so you cant just grab armor from your guild bank that level veteran rank 16 to your level 8 guy but dont get me wrong its balancing the game but i cant eat that a higher level than me what? 8/10

Is This Pay To Win?
Nope not really this game is really the opposite the main thing you get from buying a eso plus membership is a crafting bag where all your materials go no matter what and some crown points each month for the crown store and a 10% XP bonus but there are items non ESO plus people can do to have an equal to it from potions to even do 5 times the XP bonus so in my opinion its more or less its a thing you would buy      (ESO PLUS) if you wanted to slightly get out of the grind of XP but its just a pay 2 help

Alright who is ready for some PTSD of wow sense this game loves to do that give the best things of past MMO like being able to make groups guilds and more just for fighting others or killing that giant boss at the end of your dungeon and the only down side in my opinion is that you have to get to level 10 to really be able to do both things finding dungeons and doing PVP but when you get oh man is it worth it sense both offer hundreds of hours of game play for not only fighting but also having fun with others and both are not really broken sense the game makes it fair for lower levels and more sense they have a level estimate system where sense everything is level 140-160 you get boosted in that area for your ability, items or more so overall 9/10

Is This My Type Of Game 
After playing about 100+ hours within the game In my opinion this game is for those who want to explore with friends or are just looking for a new MMO for there life to be sucked into sense Wildstar or Evolved doesn't work on their PC so this is a game for mostly anyone to get into for not only elder scrolls but also just playing a MMO in general sense its a fun and simple MMO within in the a guild fighting with others or just pulling a LEROY JENKINS with others this is just a overall fun experience and my Overall Verdict Is

This Game is one of the most fun MMO I've played lately from mainly the community the character armor and more i highly recommend you pick this game up especially if its on sale and its most likely going to 50% off on things like summer sale and etc ill be glad to see you guys there :D

SCORE: 8.5/10

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