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Gameforge announced release date for Aion’s next update

Lost Memories hits European servers this August. The latest expansion raises the level cap to 75 and has a lot of new content.

Gameforge has announced the release date for Aion's next update
The next update, Lost Memories, hits European servers of NCSOFT‘s MMORPG this August. Starting August 10, European players will be able to play the Lost Memories update for Aion. The latest expansion has a lot of content. The developers have raised the level cap, and now the maximum level is 75. Other content highlights include the ability to level up yo a Daeva of Destiny, travel into new areas Nosra and Esterra, complete challenges in four new instances, as well as enjoy reworked animation and new character creation options.

Here’s Aion‘s Lost Memories trailer:

AION [Update 5.0] - Lost Memories

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