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Anima: Gate of Memories

is a third person action RPG. The game is mostly focused on combat and exploration, but it will also have a huge roleplaying elements. read more

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Anima: Gate of Memories comes out on June 3

Author: Dmytro Voloshyn

Category: News

Today BadLand Games and Anima Project have announced the much-anticipated RPG Anima: Gate of Memories will be released on PlayStation 4 boxed and digital download on Xbox One, PC and PS4 tomorrow on June 3rd, 2016!

Anima: Gate of Memories comes out on June 3
Today BadLand Games and Anima Project have announced the much-anticipated RPG Anima: Gate of Memories will be released on PlayStation 4 boxed and digital download on Xbox One, PC and PS4 tomorrow on June 3rd, 2016!
To celebrate, Anima Project have revealed a launch trailer, featuring the game’s signature style, god like bosses, and captivating story that resonates throughout the franchise.

Anima: Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG focused on combat and exploration. Players will enjoy a deep and multifaceted story where their choices and actions directly impact the journey and decide the fate of the characters.  As players travel through the tower of Arcane and the gorgeously animated world of Gaia they will endure epic battles with formidable opponents, each with its own special features and gameplay.

Join The Bearer and Ergo, agents of an ancient society called Nathaniel which for centuries has protected mankind from the darkness, on their journey to recover an old artifact called The Byblos that has been stolen by a renegade of the order. After a long pursuit, crossing areas ravaged by war, they are able to corner the fugitive in the middle of an ancient construction. Suddenly the entire area is swallowed by light. Our protagonists awake inside a strange structure where they are no longer alone; strange beings have also been summoned there. Soon, both will discover that something darker than they could imagine is about to begin, a war in the shadows in which they will have a leading role.

Based on the international Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG books, Anima: Gate of Memories is being developed by the author and a small team of developers.

• Multiple Endings. The player’s choices and actions will influence the journey and decide the destiny of the characters.
• Epic battles with formidable opponents. Challenge many legendary entities, each with their own special features and game play.
• A deep combat system.The combat system combines RPG elements with fast paced action and spectacular attacks and spells.
• Unique locations. Travel through the tower of Arcane and the world of Gaia across stunning backgrounds and places.
• A huge world. You can move with great freedom, visiting different locations and giving you the option to always retrace your steps to revisit areas, discover new secrets and unlock access to previously inaccessible places
Customisable Skill Trees. 

Anima Gate of Memories comes complete on the Playstation 4 as a boxed Collector’s Edition or Standard Edition.

Anima Gate of Memories - Collector’s Edition
Anima Gate of Memories - Standard Edition

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