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Novus Inceptio Robot vs. Skyforge Robot

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

Skyforge is implementing new companion into the game. Flying robot. And the question is, which one is better and more useful? Similar bots were in many games before like Wildstar, Star Wars etc. But Skyforge is the newest one.

Let's talk about Skyforge. AAA instanced mmorpg where you can spend thousands of hours and still will have to grind more to get better and better. The game is fun to play but there was a problem if you started the game several months after the release date. There were simply not enough new players you could join to finish instances. But the situation could be different these days and the game is worth trying.

But let's talk about its newest update.

Skyforge robot

Skyforge robotSkyforge robot adjustments
What it is able to do? Not much these days. A little help with fights (minor damage) and commenting on the currently ongoing situations. That's all folks. But you will have the possibility to change its colors. Read this article to get all information.

Then we have here:

Novus Inceptio robot

I think the look of both is pretty similar. It's probably hard to come out with something original here. But robot in Novus Inceptio can help you much more. Carry your equipment and items, helps you if you die when you become the robot and can fly and you can use him to craft things. Some other features were disabled and should be added again later.

But from my point of view, Novus Inceptio robot wins even though it cannot comment what you are doing :-). What do you think? Let us know in the comments below which robot is better or even which game has better flying companion.

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