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How is it made

Author: Yeve

Category: Image

What hides behind the curtain of digital painting? Here is my personal way of making an image

Process of searching for your own most convenient style is a never ending journey and even the most experienced of us are facing troubles sometimes. I am a humble painter and illustrator who is able to use both classic and traditional technique and so I have that golden equilibrium for me - combination of sketching on paper and improving the sketch digitally.
This works for most of the pictures. Using pencil and paper is far more easier in case you need to keep an eye on perspective or proportion plus these classic materials do not run out of battery.

What I find really useful in starting from zero digitally is a possibility to cover big parts with color as if you would use a giant brush or a roller. I use it in case I need to do landscapes. Here is an example.

I start with defining the major color

Then slowly I start adding the environment (drawing from the head mostly)

As I am going further, I am addning more details and at this moment I start to use references already

And if I had the eternity to go on, then I could keep adding all the small details, leaves, flowers, insects and other forest inhabitants.

The way that I have described before goes well for landscapes, where I find it easier to use big brushstrokes for defining large scapes. For the illustrations with focus on more defined objects I prefer to make a pencil sketch first. It helps to keep concentrated not on the greater meaning, lighting and composition, but on the separate objects.

Though I find this picture a bit "broken" because of Medusas weird arm position still this is a good illustration of the technique itself.

The picture goes completely digital after a while without a trace of pencil.

And the last one example is my own developed illustrators handwriting that is a bit out from the main road of entertainment standards. Here I prefer to use recycled paper, coal or pencil and white chalk for highlights.

Later if I want to make a digital illustration out of it I add color using Overlay and Color blend modes in Photoshop.

I hope to prepare more detailed tutorials on artistic approaches in closer time and now I am just happy that I was able to get back to my precious blog.

It is Friday! And it means a lot of free time ahead, that can be used for hanging out, drawing, painting, studying or seeing friends. Hey-hey!

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