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Trapped Dead: Lockdown

is a action-packed Hack & Slash RPG with thousands of zombies developed by Bigmoon Studios. read more


Trapped Dead: Lockdown Review

Author: Kion Karimi

Category: Review

Get ready to play an uninspiring hack and slash game that becomes ridiculously tedious as soon as you start the game until the very end. Don't worry you will be laughing along the way with the hilarious stereotypes portrayed within the characters you will interact with throughout your entire journey.

Trapped Dead: Lockdown is a hack and slash game where an evil scientist has stolen an artifact that has spread the zombie panic. It is your job to find the nefarious leader and stopped the apocalypse once and for all. You can purchase this title on steam for $10.  


The story depends on which class you pick, in my play through I played as the Butcher which his story line was focused on finding his daughter. The overall story however, is that a scientist stole an artifact from his brother that let out the zombie infestation. That is pretty much the story line for the game nothing too focused on something important or interesting here.

gotta kill them all!


Trapped Dead: Lockdown is your typical hack and slash game. It plays similar to Diablo or Torchlight where you have a couple classes to choose from each with their own unique abilities and weapons, the real question is, does this game stand out from other hack and slash games to have its own identity? The answer to that is no, this game does nothing to try and change the genre or even want to implement new and inventive ideas.

zombie out break!
The game is very repetitive and tedious; you will be doing the same exact thing for the entire game. I understand that this is what hack and slash games are but for some reason with Trapped I feel like I have not really accomplished anything or that I kept doing the same exact thing the entire game. There are no side quests either nor was there any kind of customization for your weapons. Depending on your class there were a lot of different weapons to use ranging from chainsaws, axes, sledgehammers, pickaxes, etc. I liked how there was some variety when it came to the weapons but what bummed me out was that I was not able to customize these weapons any further or make them better. Every hack and slash game I have ever played allowed me to have an option to customize my weapons but in this game I did not see that option which was a bummer. There is also armor which you can get but it made my character look more silly rather than interesting or cool. It was not until the end of the game where I started getting cool weapons and armor.

There is no balance in this game either, my character was ridiculously overpowered with a skill that I can become invulnerable to any damage for 12 seconds. I can be hit by 6 enemies at a time and take no damage. When I would turn on the skill when the boss fight would start I would kill them by the time the skill was done, this to me did not feel right at all. Don’t get me wrong I liked the skill a lot but I felt extremely overpowered when I used it.

driving around killing zombies is hilarious
There is little to no variety in the enemies either, I just saw a lot of reskinned characters with the same animations fighting me the entire time. Also, boss fights are a complete joke in this game, you can destroy the bosses in less than 15 seconds or so and the last fight was not any better than the next fight. There were so many recycled bosses too which put no original thought into making them a challenge to fight. Each encounter was the same as the last, the intense music would start to begin and then their health bar would come up, you fight them, the end.


The game looks like crap. Now, I am the kind of person where I prefer gameplay over graphics but nothing in this game looked appealing. The streets were muggy and dark, nothing was very detailed, it just overall did not look very “pretty” to me. You will be traversing through the same kinds of environments for a good chunk of the game until you get towards the middle of the game where you will go through caves, graveyards, etc. The framerate was good throughout the entire game I did not encounter any problems with that which was great.

hate those pesky dogs


The voice acting is just hilarious; I could not take anything seriously from anyone talking in the game. I just feel like each person that talk was just a stereotype of the character and it was just extremely over exaggerated. This gave the game personality though which I liked. The sounds of the weapons swinging were great and the overall tone of background noises felt right for the game. There are not many memorable tracks or anything catchy to be honest but maybe the game could have benefitted putting in a track here and there.


Trapped Dead: Lockdown is a disappointing game with a boring storyline and no innovative ideas to try and change the hack and slash genre. Just not being able to customize my weapons, stereotypical voice acting, bland environments, and disappointing/easy boss battles. I just cannot help but to feel like I wasted 4 hours playing this game, now is it the worst hack and slash game I have ever played? No, certainly not, but it definitely is not the best one I have ever played.


  • A lot of classes to choose from

  • Hilarious Dialogue


  • Disappointing/easy boss battles

  • Boring story

  • No weapon customization

  • Extremely tedious gameplay

SCORE: 3/10

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