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War Thunder

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War Thunder - WW2 Chronicles event series

Author: Veronika

Category: News

War Thunder is currently running its WW2 event series. Players can take part in the WW2 battles which will be updated on a daily basis.

War Thunder WW2 event series

Gaijin Entertainment announced that the game, War Thunder, is currently running its WW2 event series.  Players can take part in the recreation of more than 70 World War 2 battles  which will be updated on a daily basis.

"We are launching the “WW2 Chronicles” event series which means that this year players will face new challenges and will able to win some rare, unique valuable prizes. Let’s take a look at the details."

Like the previous year, the event series means the recreation of World War 2 battles that will be updated on a daily basis (at 13:00 GMT every day) will feature all the main theatres of operations, this year pilots and tankers will be able to receive a very special prize for completing a specific amount of daily tasks.

From April the 11th till May the 9th, take part in the “WW2 Chronicles” event series and win several prizes:
  1. Daily tasks may only be completed in the WW2 Chronicles Events. 
  2. Tasks are available for 24 hours and are changed along with the events. 
  3. There is a “x2” multiplier for RB and SB modes. 
  4. Only vehicles controlled by players are counted towards progress. 
  5. You can follow your progress in your Profile -> Achievements-> WW2 Chronicles -> Aircraft or Tanks. 
  6. There might be days without tasks for Ground Forces. The requirements for GF achievements will be lower.

Daily Task for Tankers
  • Whilst driving a ground vehicle, destroy 30 enemy ground vehicles (player controlled) to complete one “Tank Task” and receive rewards as well as a “Victory Trophy” for every fourth task completed.
Daily Task for Pilots
  • Whilst flying in aircraft, destroy 30 enemy aircraft (player controlled) to complete one “Aircraft Task”and receive rewards and “Victory Trophy”.

Visit complete list of the WW2 Chronicles!

Check out the newest promo video:

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