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Planet Nomads

is an open-world sandbox game that begins with you crash-landing on an unknown exotic planet full of secrets waiting to be discovered. read more

Planet Nomads - what's happening now?

Author: KeenGamer

Category: News

What are doing the developers right now? What are the next steps of the development? When will be the closed alpha version released?

You can check out the news here and of course on their Trello page. But in short...

Research and Prototyping Is Mostly Over

The whole work on Sandy (engine) was in the past focused on the terrain generation, biomes, vehicle physics was separate and everything was simplified. But now Sandy is able to generates lanets, balls of 120 km in diameter and the work is now smoother and more complex.

Over a Year of Work Is Coming Together

That means just one thing. Planed Nomads are built on rock-solid foundations and united into one big manageable project. Everything you can find on Trello or is done is going directly to the game and evolve the sandbox and survival features of Planet Nomads without other delays.

What's the status today?

– First biome compiled
– Rocks, trees and other flora behave as game objects
– Basic building integrated with more blocks on the way
– Physics affects everything
– Basic HUD is in, complete with compass showing the way
– Four types of animals around the corner with hunter/prey behavior

And the most important confirmation comes right now.

Closed alpha is going to be in summer hence we will see soon more ingame footage and gameplay!

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