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Digital and traditional artist, in past a dedicated gamer, I am writing down the noted about my artistic experiences and production, starting with references and... read more

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Games as Fine Art VI

Author: Yeve

Category: Image

Other Inside by Vicious Mime. Each one of us sometimes remembers the past – some moments doesn't make us proud. And sometimes we wish we had made different choices.

Other Inside is a game about a mime. It's a game about his life choices and their consequences. A story about remembering the most important life moments, that touches topics like family, friendship, work, life and death. The player has the opportunity to make mime’s decisions which affects his personality as well as past and future events. All this happens in a distorted world created from mime’s very own memories.The game is a journey of self-discovery, during which our mime encounters many obstacles – logic puzzles – which he must overcome with the help of pantomime. For this purpose he can use objects that do not actually exists.Engage your creativity while solving challenges and uncover the secrets behind a cheerful smile of a comedian!

Honestly I am always confusing the name of the game with the name of the developer :) Vicious Mime would perfectly fir as a title :)

And the developer is...

Vicious Mime – that is Jiří Great and David Konečný – a small game studio formed by two friends who develop games in their spare time. David is a professional programmer who is devoted to games since his childhood, Jiří is a talented graphic artist. In their games they want to put emphasis on freedom of player’s choices, powerful story and atmosphere. They like to surprise players with complex consequences of their own decisions.

Ok, let's see...

My main task was to make a mysthic smth like "the moment before awaking from the nightmare" only to get into another nightmare. If I had all the time in the world and if I were Bosch, then I would totally yield to my worst fantasies, but with limited resources I had to find easier solutions.

Here is the sketch, that was approved.

Other Inside Vicious Mime scetch
And I love it as well, but things often do not work as we would like them to :( I have to admit that fight was brutal, but still I have made few mistakes and have surrendered... What worked as a scetch, wasn't good enough as a painting.


Other Inside Vicious Mime process
But nothing satisfies me and so I made a similar idea onaly with more details. The shadows on the wall, ghosts of saints, moonlight and emptyness :)

Other Inside Vicious Mime ready painting

Other Inside Vicious Mime

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I have the same problem, what the hell is the studio name and the game title? It's confusing :-).


10 months ago by Stirius
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