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Games as Fine Art V

Author: Yeve

Category: Image

Dungeons of Aledorn, a modern, spiritual successor to old-school RPG/dungeon crawling masterpieces, it combines total-world navigation and exploration with a turn-based, tactical combat system and utilizes a unique travelling / camping system.

The world of DOA is stricken by war and the once defeated Orc tribes have again gathered their strengths and gained new allies to help them re-conquer their lost lands. It’s a harsh time when deserters and cowards plunder and prey upon the weak and kill on the whim; a world that’s in desperate need of a band of heroes to rally and save the day. Players use their wits in exploration mode to engage enemies at suitable locations and use the scenery to your advantage to increase your chances success; whilst managing characters´ actions, even during travelling and camping in order to craft, repair or find useful items or just to protect yourself against enemy ambushes.

I have personal connection to DoA, because I work as a graphic artist for Dungeons of Aledorn and make this sorts of pictures:
DoA_grafika_ilustrace_artOn our Kickstarter campaign (that was a success, take a look here) we had couple of paintings as tiers for our backers.

When picking the topic for my paintings I was driven mostly by my personal preferences as noone was there to bring me into stricts frames ;-)  And my absolutely favorite enemy so far is Spectre, an undead creature.

A spectre is ghost-like, yet corporeal, being. One of the most powerful beings of the world, they do not fight personally, they gather army of hosts of lesser undead and are known to even compel Fexts to serve them as personal guards. Masters of the magic from mind and soul school, they also know one elemental school of magic to wreak havoc on their adversaries. If forced to fight they use their claws, they would never use a weapon or shield. Successful attack means curse and loss of level, if you hit level zero, you’ve lost your soul. End of story. 

Spectre concept art:


 Scetch for the future painting, Spectre with her army of ghosts.
Later I have decide to make it less abstract and paint the fight of the players party with this enemy. Probably it doesn't look as mysthic as it was before, but for sure it is closer to possible situation within the game.


And the painting as it is. Later it will travel to one of the backers unless the decision will be made to create a new one :)


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