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Tom Clancy's The Division

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Improvements Coming To The Division

Author: Michael Maitland

Category: News

The Division will be getting its first update on April 12th, which will include a new incursion along with a load of other new additions and improvements. There will be seven new features and tweaks that will improve the game.


The Division will be getting its first update on April 12th, which will include a new incursion along with a load of other new additions and improvements.

Falcon Lost Incursion: Incursions will have the option for Hard and Challenge Mode. You will be able to use match making for these events. Incursions will not have checkpoints, so failure will mean you need to start over. You can do the incursions as many times as you want and rewards for completing Incursions will include new Gear Set pieces and new High-End weapons.

Gear Sets: There will be four new Gear Sets also added to the game. If you find and equip all four pieces of a set, you'll get a special Talent as well. You will get the sets from different areas, like in the Dark Zone or other missions.

Gear Score: When you get to level 30, item level is removed and replaced with Gear Score. This sounds very much like the system in Destiny. It will be calculated by getting gear equivalents for levels higher than you can be. Challenges will come with Recommended and Required gear scores, and it will check your inventory to make sure you're getting an accurate score even if you have weaker gear equipped.

Item Trading: When you collect a drop from beating a boss, you will now be able to drop gear so that other team members can pick it up, but only within a two-hour period.

Assignments: Daily and weekly quests will have a certain goal that can be completed. These will gain you things like Phoenix Credits.

Supply Drops: Big reward drops in the Dark Zone will occur roughly every hour, protected by tough enemies. The first person or group will get the loot.

Spectator Cam: You will now be able to follow your team with a free roam camera whilst you are downed.

These are some nice additions to the game and will be coming from April 12th.

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