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Mimpi Dreams

is a new sequel of an adventure, puzzle and platformer game Mimpi, developed by Silicon Jelly. read more

Mimpi Dreams - release for iOS and new trailer

Author: Veronika

Category: News

Mimpi Dreams is out for iOS. A long expected moment has come. Check out the realase trailer and buy your own copy.

Mimpi Dreams - dog main hero
Mimpi is back and he dreams again! Guys from Silicon Jelly, a small independent studio from the Czech Republic, announced the release of their new game Mimpi Dreams for iOS. It is a sequel to the original game Mimpi. Check out the new release trailer.

Your favourite dog is back and you could be the makers of his dreams. Help Mimpi be the hero by manipulating his dreams - move obstacles to allow Mimpi to get through levels, solve puzzles and help Mimpi communicate with the creatures in his dreams. Get the game for yourself at App Store:

Google Play: available soon
Steam: available soon
Mac App Store: available soon

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