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The Universim

is a next evolution of God Games where players take control of a civilization and directly influence the population’s daily lives and overall development. read more

The Universim - New Patch is out now V 0.0.6 (CARTER)

Author: Veronika

Category: Patch

There’s a new patch ready to be downloaded. Several bugs were fixed, new content was added to the game and many others features implemented.

The Universim art assets
Carter (that’s the name of the patch) is ready to be downloaded for your client. Developers have been working hard for a month together with the support of their fans and you can now enjoy the results and there is much to enjoy!

Here is a list of fixed bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with birds 
  • UI confirmation dialogs now prevent any other interaction with the game (no more awkwardness with confirmation pop-ups).
  • Clicking on a UI panel behind another panel will now bring the selected panel to the front.
  • Better Nugget clothing mechanics. 
  • Fixed an issue with snow textures.
List of the new content:
  • Gatherer’s Huts/Distribution Centres for keeping all your piles and piles of stuff sorted.
  • Mating panel is enhanced. The automatic mating toggle is now ON by default.
  • Added more immersion to the building process. The construction site is now marked by nice fence and the ground is cleared from grass. When Nuggets begin building, Stone Age scaffolds are constructed and the building process starts.
  • Building process updated with new animations. Now, with each hit of the hammer, you’ll see how the construction is progressing, step by step, stone by stone. When the building is completed, the scaffolds will be disassembled and Nuggets will celebrate. Don’t forget to repair! Your buildings will collapse as soon as they hit 0 HP.
  • Distribution Center implemented.
  • Wood Stash implemented.
  • Food Stash implemented.
  • Stone Stash implemented.
  • New Courier class for the Gatherer’s Hut/Distribution Centres: When a Nugget wants resources from storage areas, they will go to the Distribution Centre and request resources from a Courier. The Courier will collect the requested items and bring them back to the waiting Nugget.
  • When they have some time to spare, Couriers will go out in search of resources that have been left around and bring them back to the stashes.
  • Couriers move faster (+0.3) than normal Nuggets, and can carry a lot more as well. (+15)
Another features are:
  • UI/UX Design
  • Balance Changes
  • Nugget changes
  • Resource changes
  • Buildings Statistics
  • Performance Improvements
  • New art assets (water shade, snowflake quantity, ambient lighting tweaked, grass texture)
  • Audio - new buildings construction and repair sounds
For more details visit the official site.

The Universim art assets

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