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Angels Fall First

is a combined arms FPS set in a rich science fiction universe, focusing on tactical gameplay and objective-based scenarios with a high degree of replayability. read more

Angels Fall First - Update 7 new maps, new stuff, come play!

Author: Veronika

Category: News

Developers from Strangely Interactive are happy to announce that AFF is much better now. Update 7 is live! Update includes 6 new maps, 1 new fighter weapon, hundreds of fixes, net optimization and mechs!

The guys from Strangely Interactive are going to call these "updates" instead of "patches" from now on. Seems more accurate, as the usual bug fixes and optimization will be accompanied by new content.

New Maps

Lellebah - Territories
Steamroll - Lellebah
Mazikeen - Territories
Steamroll - Mazikeen
NB3345 - Territories
Steamroll - NB3345
Lacroix - Incursion and Territories
Steamroll - Lacroix - Incursion
YinTaoShan - Territories
Steamroll - YinTaoShan
Igneous - Incursion
Steamroll - Igneous

Additional features and news

  • added fighter-grade ion beam weapons to be equipped in the loadout
  • rewriting some low-level systems to optimize the game, both in terms of performance and network lag
  • shifting some of manpower more towards content

  • developers are going to start a kind of a devblog, to highlight some of the interesting things going into the game
  • they also invested some time into what seems to be the bane of AFF - the UI
  • they´re getting more and more reports of weird behaviour on Windows 10 where the game performs much worse than it should and still investigating the issue
For the fixes and improvements in this "patch" click HERE to see it in all its glory.


ULA Velius and AIA Gheist
ULA Velius and AIA Gheist
Note from developers: "Mechs are still heavily in development so expect work-in-progress animations and various other quirks in visuals. We'd rather not hold back giving you guys access until the visuals are finalised, as we greatly value your gameplay feedback and comments on overall feel. Let us know your thoughts when you take them for a jog!"

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