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Disney Infinity Next Spring 2016 Discussion

Author: Danielle Crowder

Category: Opinion

Check out my discussion for today's first episode of Disney Infinity showcasing all the future updates for Disney Infinity for Spring of 2016.

Disney Infinity Next image

So today Disney launched its first ever Disney Infinity Next showcasing all what's to come to Disney Infinity 3.0 in Spring 2016. Now to be honest I was kinda disappointed with it. First off was the fact that I thought that was gonna be much longer I thought it would at least be two hours long due to it being aired at 10:00 AM (PST) and then the reaction video on Twitch at 12:00 PM (PST) , however it only lasted about 12 minutes. I had also thought that we would be getting a bunch of new content, but nope that didn't, and most of the stuff that was shown we already knew about such as the characters from Zootopia Nick Wilde, and Judy Hopps getting their own Disney Infinity figures, and the all new Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set.

The only new thing we got was the announcement for the Baloo Disney Infinity figure from The Jungle Book, however there were some teasers at the end of the video though, that we might possibly be getting stuff from either Finding Nemo or Finding Dory due to them saying when we take a look at our favorite fish, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was Finding Dory due to the film coming out later on this year, but even if they do I absolutely have no idea they bring the characters from Finding Nemo or Finding Dory to Disney Infinity 3.0. Then the other thing that teased was that we would be taking a look through the looking glass, and only one thing comes to mind and that's the upcoming film Alice Through The Looking Glass, which mean we might have possible characters from the upcoming film brought to Disney Infinity as well I can't wait to see how they bring the characters from both films to the game.

One of the other things that they talked about was that we would be getting a new Playset from the four big corporations Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. Now I think I might have an idea about what the next one from Disney will be it will either be a Playset for Alice Through The Looking Glass or The Jungle Book. For Pixar I believe it will be a Playset for Finding Dory. I don't really know what they're gonna do for Marvel, now unless they do a Caption America Civil War Playset I seriously have no idea what they'll do next. Star Wars I think now I really hope we get this one, because I'm a bit disappointed that there still hasn't been a Star Wars Rebels Playset, now I know that the series hasn't finished, but I would love to see the characters of Rebels shine in their own Playset and not in their own individual Toybox. If it isn't that then maybe one for Rogue One, because those are the only two that they can do right now until Episode 8 comes out.

So did you guys enjoy their first episode I'm really curious what they're gonna show next, and what characters and play sets do you think we'll see in the future. If you want to keep up to date on all the news updates for Disney Infinity, be sure to click the follow icon at the top banner. And let me know if you want more news about Disney Infinityor on any other games I should write about let me know. I would really like to talk to you guys, and discuss about everything on Disney, or you can say just hi :-)

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