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Bridge Constructor Stunts

is a wonderful version of successful Bridge Constructor series – number 1 in the Google Play Store with over 30 million players worldwide. read more

Bridge Constructer launches on Steam tomorrow

Author: Nicks Ph8

Category: News

Who needs flat bridges if you can jump instead? Bridge Constructor Stunts, the new physics based puzzle game from Headup Games and ClockStone Studio is coming to Steam tomorrow.

Build the stunts and then test it yourself!

Headup Games and ClockStone will be launching their new physics based puzzle game tomorrow on Steam. The game lets you build up a series of unconventional platforms to get from point A to point B, but you don’t just build them, you get behind the wheel and try them out yourself. The game will be available for $9.99, 9,99€ and £6.99s but those who purchase the game in the first week will receive a 40% discount. Some of the features will include:

  • Improved and simplified Construction Mode
  • Build ramps and drive vehicles across them yourself
  • Diverse levels with multiple objectives: reach the goals, collect stars, score target
  • Delivery vans and dump trucks with cargo that wreaks havoc when coming loose
  • Various building materials
  • Spectacular stunts and rampages of destruction
  • Replay feature and video/GIF export: save your best bridge crossings and stunts and share them with your friends (Video/GIF export PC version only)
  • Achievements and rankings

Use your engineering skills to build exciting maps and your daredevil skills to test them out! Check out the trailer and visit the Steam page for more information.

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