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Leaked Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary Discussion

Author: Danielle Crowder

Category: Opinion

In a leaked video released by Zelda Podsmashers featuring the 30th anniversary for The Legend of Zelda. Eiji Aonuma reveals all the events going on during the 30th anniversary.

So for the past few days I've been up at my mom's house since Wednesday, and unfortunately the internet went off again I haven't been able to post anything, normally I would just use my 4G on my phone, but due to AT&T screwing me over by overcharging me for data, which is irritating and annoying as crap, and although it reset I'm having to be extra careful with my data.

So after I went back down to my Dad's house after church, and after having getting changed and getting a bite to eat the first thing I did was go on YouTube and check my updates, because although I was able to look at them I haven't been able to watch them due to AT&T eating my data. While I was checking my updates the first thing I saw was a leaked video released by Zelda Podsmashers an announcement for The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary.

I was very excited to see this, and the many announcement from Eiji Aonuma himself. Their were three huge announcements during the video, but I talk about those in just a moment. We first have the all new upcoming The Legend of Zelda musicial, which foretells how Shigeru Miyamoto creation of the first game more details, and tour dates and locations will be released in a future date.

Next we have the all new The Legend of Zelda NES Collector's Edition which will allow you to be able to play your old NES titles on, and will have a new decal with Link from the first Legend of Zelda game.

Now this next announcement I wasn't really excited about, but fans of the CD-I games will be, because it was announced that The Legend of Zelda Link Faces of Evil will be remade, and be released on the Wii U as one of the three CD-I games being remade, and released onto the Wii U. The game will still have the same gameplay, and will also support Miiverse.

Now we get into the meat of the video now the first thing I want to talk about is the new details for The Legend of Zelda Wii U now I am not surprised that this is there big game for the 30th anniversary I kinda figured that out on my own already, but one of the new details is the Gamepad interaction especially with the environment, however this raises more questions how exactly will the interaction work especially with your surroundings. Then we have new details pertaining to the Amiibo support. You will be able to use 30 Amiibo which will allow to unlock new stages for apparently a horse racing mini game. Now as for which Amiibo we can use it is unknown at this time.

This next one really through me off guard, because I did not see this coming, and it's an all new Legend of Zelda anime. Yes that's an anime this is the first official piece of news about this since that announcement from Kimishima. It was recently announced by Kimishima that he wished to expand the IP through movies, theme parks, and anime. Now Eiji Aonuma said that they working with a Japanese animation studio to create this. Now one of my favorite fanfiction authors Aerisuke recently talked about in one of her author's notes that there was a rumor that Viz Media was working on a Legend of Zelda anime. I believe that this what this is, because I don't really see any other studio that would make sense especially due to the fact that Viz Media has been the publishers for the manga adaptations of the series. More details will be revealed later on.

Now this final announcement it has me really disappointed. Eiji Aonuma revealed that due to many events taking place during the anniversary, and with many new things in store, and hoping to exceed fan expectations the 30th Anniversary will take place in 2017, which mean if this is the case then does this mean we'll have to wait until 2017 for Zelda Wii U, and what amazing things does Mr. Aonuma have in store for us.

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