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Trulon: The Shadow Engine

Enter a world of steampunk and magic! Battle enemies powered by magic as you explore the kingdom of peaceful Tripudia and dangerous Maelon. read more

Trulon: The Shadow Engine imminent Steam release

Author: Nicks Ph8

Category: News

From the mind of Johan Lillbacka and the award winning American writer Jak Koke comes Trulon, comes an action RPG with a unique card combat system set in a steampunk fantasy world.

Unique action RPG, Trulon: The Shadow Engine

Coming March 1st is a unique RPG experience. Trulon: The Shadow Engine features a card combat system that mixes skill and randomness to make a challenging and exciting adventure. The game features the popular steampunk style, here’s what the team behind the game had to say:

 “Its complex story is based in the beautiful steampunk fantasy world of Trulon, inspired by the novel from the game’s author Johan Lillbacka and the award winning American writer Jak Koke, who is well-known from the best-selling Shadowrun trilogy, The Dragon Heart Saga.”

Check out some of the features:

  • Unique card combat system with a deep strategy
  • Battle enemies using a collection of over 50 unique cards
  • Over seven hours of single player action and adventure
  • Four unique playable characters with individual strengths and play styles
  • Solve puzzles and interact with over a hundred NPCs
  • Beautiful setting featuring a mix of steampunk and JRPG 
  • Spin-off story from the original Trulon novel
  • The package contains the complete soundtrack as well as two bonus tracks
Trulon: The Shadow Engine is coming March 1st, for more information check out their website.

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